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1x is a curated photo gallery where every image have been handpicked for their high quality. With a membership, you can take part in the curation process and also try uploading your own best photos and see if they are good enough to make it all the way.
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Endorse favorite photographers and curators

You can now endorse your favorite photographers and members who are active in curation in their profiles! Write a few words about how much you appreciate someone! There are three types of endorsements:

Level 3 - Endorsements from founders and special crew

Level 2 - Endorsements from members with level 8

Level 1 - Endorsements from other members

To reach the highest levels (L7 and L8), you will need endorsements of high magnitude. Your number of endorsements will also affect the weight of your votes in curation. You can endorse photographers in different genres like Architecture, Creative Edit, Portrait, Street etc.

You can write 5 endorsements every week.

In this case, if following is so insignificant, why keep it up ? And nothing prevents the endorsement from becoming a new buddy-system…
I did not say that following is insignificant but following can be affected by "follow me then I follow you". There are members with nearly 500 followers without a single curated image. That does not necessarily mean that their works are inferior but when looking at their portfolio one wonders why there are so many followers. You're right that the endorsement can become a new buddy-system but I think it makes more effort to write an at least 200 characters long statement why you appreciate someones work than to press the follow button.
Following and endorsing are completely different things. When you follow someone you can see all photos uploaded by that person in Photos > New > Following, but not from people you have just endorsed.
Even if the endorsement feature may act like a buddy-system, it won't help them get their photo published. 1. Number 2, I'm pretty sure that the 1x crew is thinking of moderating the endorsements somehow. Perhaps a sitewide "Report user" feature could be useful to prevent people from abusing the features 1x gives them.
I don't understand accurately what is the difference between following and this new "endorsement" ??
With endorsements you can endorse someone with exceptional skills in a certain area like street photography. Endorsements affects your level and the weight of your vote in curation.
For my understanding the endorsement and the following have different contents concerning information. If I know that X follows Y I don't know why. The number of followers does not necessarily correspond to the quality of works of the followed artist because it can be affected by the "buddy-theme" . The endorsement gives a detailed information to all members why the endorsement-writer appreciates the endorsed artist. That makes for me the big difference between endorsement and following. I hope this is helpful for you.
Now I was wondering what it was for .. Thank you very much.
This is very strange, my second approval will not let me do it, is less than 200 characters and it is impossible, I waited to get 00hs.? And the problem remains the same.