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You are an Inspiration

1x is a unique community because there are so many talented photographers here. Every day you inspire thousands of people with your fantastic art works, to make them enjoy photography more, to start taking pictures on their own and to improve their art. All your fantastic photos put a smile on thousands of people every day and make the world a better place. Thanks to you the reputation of photography will increase.

When you write comments in curation, especially experienced members, remember that you are an inspiration and example to everyone else. This means that if you use your experience and knowledge and write really insightful comments, the less experienced members of our community can learn a lot and become better photographers and curators.

Right now there are a lot of comments just saying "great picture", even from experienced members. This will not help the photographer to develop and it will not help other members reading your comments to learn about photography. Please share your experience and write really useful, extensive, in-depth comments in curation. Short "great picture" comments you can write on published photos instead.

Thanks a lot for helping out in curation and sharing your great talent and experience with other photographers!

Maybe added to the "not sure" button in curated process can help members who are not official curators to select. As in the selection process like this, not all understand about a picture that is not in the category that they love. Sometimes refer to the comments posted by members are their personal opinion only. If we vote on a comment or opinion of others, the process may be so unfair, or vice versa. So much need for the admin to add the "not sure" that some works can be judged by the official curator, or a member who knew about the work / photo. IMHO - thank you :)
By adding "report user" buttons and this machine to vote each comment you are starting a KGB style machine. we will have to watch our backs and make sure we speak only what is expected, not to get in trouble and go ahed on front of others. And, if we want to go ahead faster than others, now we can report other members in hope of pushing them down. specially if we don't like some people because they dared to speak their mind, unaware we can see their curating comments. intentions are fabulous - but real implementation will downgrade our community and turn it into unhealthy competition. Also, if you give positive points for lengthy comments, you automatically discriminate against all non-English speaking members who simply don't feel comfortable writing long elaborate stories. this is VERY bad to discriminate people this way, and award photographers for fluent English - instead only for their work and true knowledge. Not all changes are always good. You managed to put lots of great improvements, but hear out what happens down here in grass roots. if only all members would realize that now this blog discusses issues of new changes, you could be flooded with comments - not always so happy about being voted on every step they take, and critiqued on every photo they want to publish. This is also my answer to Roberto. Most people don't even realize yet they can see curators' comments, and many curators don't know their comments are being seen by authors and out of "curating room" (No jury would want to vote on photo competitions in such way!). That will create lots of fuss, because most people just try to have their photos published - not publically critiqued. this is why on published photos you have only congratulations. It is just a social activity, not a column for learning skills and pointing out shortcomings. Because everyone knows - if you want a feedback, you post in Critique section. And if you don't want critique - it should NOT be pushed upon you. I already mentioned it in another thread - I received a sharp comment from an author unhappy with me speaking my mind about his photo. and it should not be this way. curation is not for hurting people, only to publish or not publish images. nothing more. Critique section is for discussing what is good, bad, and how to improve things, and any photo can be entered there. now this gets mixed together and will be scary to watch how it will affect this community. so - why double that function and force critique, and also vote on that critique and report colleagues - creating tensions and making people upset? You are just creating a less friendly planet.
Reports are to be monitored by the 1x crew and judged appropriately. If a user reports people for not liking his image, while they offered constructive critique and offered their suggestions, he can easily be warned by the 1x team ( or automatically by a php script ) and if he continues doing the same he can have his report user privileges revoked. Just a few ideas, I'm not part of the 1x crew nor have any insider info. But since the 1x people are open-minded I'm pretty sure that they'll be implementing all the necessary measures & features for the system to work. And after all, we as a community need to learn to take care of each other and if somebody goes frenzy we can let him know that he is out of the line and how things work.
SOrry I have tried the new procedure for two days now. I have noticed you get a low rating immediately if you don't like the image and even explain why but try your best to comment on every single one. on the other hand I notice that all my images get refused regardless and there is never a single comment but if I post them in critique or the weekly theme they do get comments. what am I doing wrong? I thought the idea is that the others tell you why they refuse it? I just can't believe if there have been 40 votes good or bad that there is not one comment.. Another thing that I don't understand is why is the picture so small in the curate section and you can only view it normal size after you have voted?
I don't have a problem with the curation & critique. I'm always posting critique on photos that I find pretty bad or even near perfect but with 1 or 2 flaws. I pay attention to my phrasing and offer only constructive & thorough critique and suggestions. I rarely get bad ratings from the users because they disagree with my critique instead of judge the quality of my critique post. There might be a few users who might be revengeful and take your words badly and send them back to you even if your photo is flawless, but they will certainly not be able to overcome the positive votes from the properly thinking and acting members who are certainly more than the "you rejected me, I reject you" users.
A question essential to make comments in English? This is my problem...:-(
use an online translator Andres. like
Unfortunately English is the only common language we can use, it's not my first language either. Like pointed out try a translation service like Google translate.
So has curation level replaced the awards level now? The awards are not displayed on members' profile pages but the curation level is.
We will try to combine the two systems, right now you can see your awards in the account-menu.
Is a big mistery( maybe like Fatima) why those battalions of experienced members are NOT coming to post ,after a photo is published, their suggests,critique and any other help....... If you think that the photo is overexposed,the pose is innatural and so the published status that is trasforming the pose perfect and exposition right?? :-))
Indeed, that's a very good question :))
I would like to know more about the new curation system – so I would like to ask a few questions: 1. The screening time has been two weeks (as says in the information when a photo is submitted to curators). How is it in the new system? When I see now in the “curation info” (maybe just few hours after I have submitted a photo) that it is “not published”, is it a final decision from the curators? If so, there is not a two weeks screening time anymore – is that correct? 2. How much does the member’s curation weigh in the final decision of the curators in the crew? I ask because I’ve see published photos with 56% from the members voting and know of photos which are “not published” with over 75%. 3. Is it your intention to move the new system in that direction that the members with their voting will in the future completely select the photos that will be published (for example that every photo with average percentage over 75% will be published or something like that)? You have built an interesting curation system that I think members will participate in, at least if they know that it matters and all the work and effort that they put in their voting will weigh much in the final decision of the curators. Thanks in advance
Thanks for your comment Bragi. 1) The screening times varies a lot from image to image. Some requires not so much time and others require 1-2 weeks. It's very individual and this has not changed. It's never been 2 weeks for every image. 2) It's individual for each image. The score is always considered, but for example if a cute kitten shot gets a very high score it will likely still not be published because it doesn't fit a photo gallery. At the same time a very original photo can be hard to understand non-experts and might get published even though it has a low popularity rating 3) We will build a system that will make the votes of experienced members carry a much greater weight. If you reach level 8 you may be promoted to an official curator, and your decisions will sometimes be carried out immediately. The work and effort of members in curation matters a great deal, to give feedback to the photographer, for other members to learn from and to give feedback to the official curators and thus influence what is being published. Thanks for helping out in curation!
I don't think so Bart. The new curation process ( just my thought, not inside info ) acts as a pre-critic group. If the Publish to Reject ratio is good ( like 2:1 or more ) the photo is forwarded to the curator team. if its ratio is 1:1 ( probably under 1:1, but let's just say 1:1 ) it doesn't get sent to the curators and it stays unpublished.
The final decision is always taken by an official curator, the member curating is for giving feedback to the official curators and the photographers and for everyone to learn from each other.
I just saw in the new 'curation' format that when submitting a picture for curation the status changed to ' in curation' .. does that mean that from now on we know when a photo has been rejected ( when this status changes to not published ) ? :)
Yes =)
Regarding the new curation process, the Image title, and perhaps a description should be available when judging and critiquing the photo. You should also add a "report user" button next to the critiques so we can report the users who always post "comments" ( such as nice photo, nice model, good photo, wow, etc ) instead of critique.
Good suggestions, we will implement this next week.