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New Curation Experience

Curation has been upgraded and now has only two options "Publish" and "Reject" just like for the official curators. This is more logical since there are only two possible outcomes of each decision.

You can now write critique directly when you curate. Remember to write thorough critique which actually helps the photographer to improve and not just "Nice image", which is not useful critique. Your comments will be rated and if you get a low score it will affect the weight of your votes. If your comments get good ratings your votes will have a greater influence in curation. Click on the button "Curation Log" to see the ratings on your comments.

As you vote and write comments, you will rise in level, and the higher your level the more your votes will count.

To view comments on your own images, as well as the score from curation, the number of votes and the status of your photo, click "Curation info" in the cog wheel below your photo. The score is the average percentage of members voting "Publish" or "Reject" in curation. The voting is anonymous, so this score is a lot more honest than in most other sites where buddy voting is very common.

We need your help to curate and give feedback to photographers, try it out here!

I like the new curation system very much. Thanks 1x for this. I've one suggestion: Please make the text area for the critique text bigger or even scalable. It would be helpful for extensive critique writers because they can overview their own text much better. Otherwise I've to use a external text editor and copy & paste the text. Manageable, but not elegant. ;)
I also thought it was the right way ... I waited a few days before giving my opinion. Now I am not convinced that this method is better ... just out of curiosity, you can see the galleries of the "voters" who have an high "L" , certainly not all, and you will answer to yourself ....
Need to be able to view: Image Title EXIF ( for more accurate technical critique & suggestions ) Description* ( *optional but recommended ) And another issue, users commenting "wow", "nice", "don't like it", "i like it" instead of posting critique ( technical or non-technical ). Add a Report User button next to each post in the curation critique so we can report users who do that instead of posting useful stuff.
I've always wished we could see the EXIF on images - it would enable us to make better critique.
I think the ratings of a users comments could affect the points gained from voting aswell. That would encourage users to write good comments even more. An average under 3 should lower the points gained and an average above 3 could increase the points gained. Food for thought?
A very welcome addition to the site, and from your following posts I can see that you made some good decision concerning the curator ranking. My main issue with the new curate section would be the size of the images. I just looked at a wide shot which was displayed as what would best be described as a thumbnail. Upon opening the picture from the photographers profile, I found that it was actually very large size. So you might want to use the whole width of the frame for displaying pictures in the curate section, and maybe enable us to hide the curate options.
In my opinion this curation procedure is a great improvement. Unfortunately the viewing of the comments on own photos does not work (yet ?). I tried it by clicking "curation info" in the cog wheel but nothing happened. With my published photo "straight ahead" it works, with my not (yet) published or rejected photos it does not work. What's the reason ?
I am curious about this issue as well.
I tried it again some times later and it worked ! Thanks !
Most difficult for me is scroll to the foto's in the category what my speciallety is ,have not the time to all te foto's and my englisch is not so good to express me well for a good comment. L1 stay L1 thanks!
I like it!
Can you elaborate a bit more on the level structure?
Well done !!!! :)