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Announcing the Photo Awards 2013 winners

We are very very proud to announce the winners of 1x Photo Awards 2013! 1st prize $2500 goes to Mahesh Balasubramanian, 2nd prize $500 to Alejandro Marcos and 3rd place and $250 to Jose Beut! Mike Kremer wins the $1000 People's Choice Award. See all the winners and the fantastic winning images here. The judge was very impressed by the high general level of all entries in the compeition. Big thanks to everyone who participated and helped supporting our community!


1st place, Mahesh Balasubramanian.

2nd place, Alejandro Marcos.
3rd place, Jose Beut.
People's Choice, Mike Kremer.

I'm so soooo happy, 1st place Montage, is this real !? I cannot believe to get this prize amongst those great creative images all over the world! I feel extremely happy, many thanks to the judges and 1X! Congratulations to the winners!
All great images, congratulations to all
Congratulation to all winners and my compliments.
The winners in your contests are only Pro- members , participants in your book "Passion". That is, all other that are new or non-pro are underestimated despite you took our taxes! I recently started uploading in your site but I think your site is corrupt and does not deserve my presence...
I'm pretty sure that is not accurate... at least the part concerning "Passion". Some of the images that have won are not in the book, that's for sure. What makes you think that? Is it because it says "Winner of PRO Membership and "Passion"" ? Because that only means that because they won then they get a pro membership and a copy of the book...
For example: this guy won in one category and is not a "pro" member (yet):
And this guy won in "documentary" (not the people's choice, but the judge's choice) with an image that is not even on 1X front page (yet?) :
Pro or non- pro, quite mediocre winners- at least in the categories I participate and key in photography at all- nude and portrait. My advise to photographers is never to lose time and momey to participate in such mediocre contest.
Congratulation to all the winners of this wonderful images
Thank you very much to the all of you and congrats to all the winners... :)
Congratulations to the winners! Greetings and good light! *
Congratulations to you all. Splendid images, indeed...
Congrats to all the winners!
Thank You Juries and congrats to all the winners.