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New blog feature in your profile

We have launched a personal blog feature for your profile where you can write updates about your travels, exhibitions, book projects, photo projects, the experience of your latest camera gear, thoughts about new trends in photography, tell us about yourself or anything else you want to share.

This will be a great way of telling your friends and followers on 1x about what you are up to and also a great way to gain promotion using our big audience. Especially interesting articles have the chance to be published in the official 1x blog so you will gain even more promotion. You can display photos from 1x by entering the photo ID or upload from your harddrive and include in the blogs.

 We have also introduced blogs for groups to be able to publish and share especially interesting articles. We will soon also make a page where you can read all new blogs by the people you follow.

A nice personal feature, great idea, Ralf!
Yes! It's fixed, good work!
Bravo -we have a blog Rodrigo :-)
how do I enable on my profile?
The problem has now been fixed!
thanks for the reply, greetings
The blog feature still not appeared on my profile :/
Sorry about the trouble, we are investigating this.
A fine feature. Thank you.
I tried to post in my blog but the message comes up "Generic Error" when I try to post :-(
Please send an email to support describing the exact steps you were taking when this happened. Also please try using the Google Chrome browser for the best experience.
Good idea but I have no blog...?
This is a very good idea!
If I go to my blog tab and click on "add" nothing happens. It seems to be broken.
Seems to be working now. Thanks for the fix.