Nine days ago in Brussels

by Carla DLM 


by Sophie Voituron


It’s been already a week since the deadly attacks in Brussels. These probably are the most difficult days in Belgium in many years. 

Belgium is famous for its chocolates, waffles and beer. It is a beautiful country surrounded by medieval old towns and Flemish Renaissance architecture. A place that many people, including myself, would love to visit some day. 

Belgium became one of the latest target for the kind of violence we have witnessed all over the world. Innocent people have become victims and are still being targeted in many different countries. Sometimes it seems this will never end. We need peace and, despite our differences, we need to find kindness and love for each other in our hearts. 

Giving a humble tribute and love to our Belgian community, here is a beautiful selection of photographs from the 1X’s archives. 

Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
Alfred Stieglitz


by Sus Bogaerts



by Piet Flour



by Bruno Flour



by Gilbert Claes



by Luc Gindertael



by Marc Huybrighs



by Hilde Ghesquiere



by Harry Verschelden



by Jef van den Houte



by Jef van den Houte



by Yvette Depaepe



by Marc Apers



by Ben Goossens



by Piet Flour



by Delphine Devos



by Fernand Hick


Our hearts and thoughts are with all the victims of violence throughout the world and with their loved ones.


"Love, peace and hope for Brussels and the world" by Yvette Depaepe


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