New Photo Directory - elegant overview of your photos

We have made a very convenient overview of all your photos called Photo Directory, which you will find in your account menu. In Photo Directory you can edit information about photos, like descrption, location and and camera settings. We very much encourage you to fill out this information, especially description and location. You can use the map to pin where your photos were taken.

It's also more easy than ever to see which of your photos are made availble as prints. You can select or deselect photos as prints with a simple check box right in the overview. You can also see if you have uploaded a high resolution file or not. We encourage you to make as many photos availble as possible. Thanks to our new partners we are selling more than a thousand prints every month, so don't miss out on this great opportunity.

By adding a description you increase your chances of selling prints a lot. The description doesn't have to be very long, just four-five sentences about the idea behind your photo and what we can see in it is enough. If you are not that familiar with English, ask a friend to translate or try Google translate.

We hope you will find the Photo Directory useful! Contact support if you have any questions.

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