New award system!

Many members have asked for changes in the award system. We have after much consideration revamped the system and can now present the result. We have tried to make the new system more simplified and easier to understand. Here are the most important changes:

More points for commenting
1x is a community with unusually knowledgeable members and the level of discussion and commenting is generally very high. To encourage commenting, you will now receive 5 award points for each comment. This is a massive increase from the previous system and we hope that it will lead to more insightful comments from 1x photographers.

No need to update
Many members have asked for a system that automatically updates the individual award score. The award score will now be automatcially updated each day. 

Upload in HD for extra points
You will now receive more points for uploading your photo in HD and marking it for sale as fine art prints. Besides the extra points you will also have the chance to earn a substantial amount of money on your photography.

Here is the complete list for what grants award points:


Published photos                                      1000/each

Published photos for sale in HD              1000/each

Written photo comments last year                 5/each

Tutorials published                                   3000/each

Critique comments last year                       100/each


Plus member                                           10000/each

PRO member                                          20000/each

Unlimited member                                  30000/each

Crew member                                         20000/each


Curation votes last year                                   1/each

Curation comments last year                        10/each

Awarded curation comments last year      100/each

You can see your position in the new reward system hereWe hope that this new award system will be easier to comprehend and that it will make it even more rewarding to be part of the world's largest community for curated photography.


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