Need inspiration for 1x Photo Awards 2015?

It's the final week to upload photos to 1x Photo Awards 2015. The senior editor on National Geographic, Kim Hubbard, is waiting to see your photos. If you need inspiration, here are some previous winners from the contest's history. Many great photos and photographers have been discovered through 1x Photo Awards. Are you the next?
Submit your best photos here. There is now a 25% discount on each entry. With a total prize sum on $21.000, it might just be your best investment ever.

"Golden glow" by Gilbert Claes.

By John Wilhelm.

By BJ Yang.

By Martin Rak.

By Jimmy Hoffman.

By Dalida and Andrew Innes.
By Anuar Patjane.

By Mike Kremer.
By Alejandro Marcos.

By rooswandy juniawan.

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