Moving through history

Photography has only been available for a short period during the time of mankind. Fortunatly, there are so many talanted 1x photographers that are willing to depict years long gone, with a touch of their own of course. Welcome into the 1x time machine!

"Traditional farming" by Janusz Wanczyk.

"Craftsman" by Piet Osefius & Rob van Kleef.

"Holy wars" by Christophe Kiciak.

"Renaissance" by Elmar Dam.

"Princess's spring" by Vincent Marit.

"How would have been?" by Romina Ressia.

"The two castles" by Andreas Wonisch.

"The Little Girl from China" by Joey Bangun.

"The revolution of a french housewife" by Cath Schneider.

"The duell" by Pierre Leszczyk.

"Machinist" by Christoph Hessel.

"Belle Epoque" by Pierre Leszczyk.

"1919" by Sascha Losko.

"Vintage Twenties Photograph" by Yvette Leur.

"MS-Bretagne" by José Fangueiro.

"Shadows Of Past" by Ales Farcnik.

"Movie Star" by Peter Kemp.

"The typist" by Tihomir Lazarov.

"History" by Jeremy Russell.

"Surfing the web" by Zhecho Planinski.

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