Monthly theme Minimalism

The monthly theme for march is "Minimalism". 

There are many great minimaistic photos in the 1x gallery and now we will get to see some new ones. 

Minimalist photography is a genre characterized by spareness and simplicity. It's more difficult than it sounds. To create the right impression, you have to know exactly what to leave out of the frame. To bring life to the photo, you can use interesting patterns, strong shadows, contrasting colors and inspiring positions of lone subjects.

We are very happy to have Stefan Krebs as the guest judge for this theme. I'm sure everyone is familiar with his wonderful work and it will be very exciting to see which photos he will select.

The top three winners will receive workflow packages from Sleeklens. Sleeklens produces state of the art workflows for Lightroom. They contain everything you need to take your photos to the next level, including presets and brushes. The workflows work on both Mac and PC. You can find out more about Sleeklens here.

Upload your photo for the Monthly theme here.

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