Make a difference with your photography

Take the chance to do a real difference with your photography and contribute to the project "One Minute on Earth" which sets out to help street children around the world:

We all life on the planet earth in all different time zones and different parts of the world. If you read this it will be night in another part of the world or morning somewhere else. A Sunset and a sunrise is always there at any minute on earth. 

In 2013 on the 6th of April at 13:00 CET+0 200 photographers all around the world clicked on the button of their camera all within the same minute on earth. From all these amazing landscape photos and stories a photobook was made which was sold with a little profit. 

100% of this profit was donated to the Ashalayam Deutschland organisation which used this money to support a streetchildren center in Kalkota India. You can still buy this book here, which will help us continue to support the street children. 

This great event will be repeated on 21th of June 2014 at 21:00 CET+0 and we will support an orphanage in Cape Town where 75 children live. This year we want not only landscape photos but also street photos and any kind of photo you like, the main rule is one need to see a bit of sky so all can see at what time it was shot when this years one minute on earth got to you. 

Are you ready for One Minute on Earth 2014?

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