Look at the bird

The theme for this month's theme contest is "Birds". If you haven't submitted your photo yet, you can do it here.

This may seem like a narrow theme with little room for personal interpritation. Bird photography can however be done in many different ways. To prove this point and to give you some inspiration, here is a selection of the many extraordinary photos this genre has to offer on 1x.



"Mum's protection" by Huib Limberg.



"What`s wrong?" by Helle Lorenzen.



"Martín" by Risquillo.

"Avian Angel" by Sandy Powers.

"It's not what you think..." by yaki zander.



"Great Egret just at the right second" by Christopher Schlaf.



"Little Owls" by Uri Kolker.



"Snowy owl" by Mircea Costina.



"Conversation" by Marcin Nawrocki.



"Angel" by Alex Saberi.



"The catch" by Noel Marry.



"Family" by Robert Adamec.



"Dnowy owl" by Kim Abel.


"in formation" by Dennis Binda.



"Courageous" by Sergey Kokinskiy.



"Majesty" by repro.


"A Little Owl out for an evening stroll" by Austin Thomas.

"Black Swan Baby" by Robert Adamec.

"Crag Martin" by Yazeed Al-Sahly.

"Gone fishing" by Bojan Cibulka.



"Dancing in the fog" by Marcin Nawrocki.



"CAPERCAILLIE" by Lee Fisher.

"A Piece of Golden Poem" by Harry Sulistio.

"Little Green Bee-eater." by yaki zander.

"Kung Fu Master" by Lina Gunawan.



"Purple sunset" by Anna Cseresnjes.



"The spring has come" by Caras Ionut.



"Genesis" by Piet Flour.

"Tree of life" by anja Buehrer.

"Black-Cheeked Woodpecker Sawdust Burst" by Juan Carlos Vindas.

"Dispersion" by Nick de Vries.

"Birds birds" by Liesbeth van der Werf.

"Confrontation" by Stephan Earle.

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