It's only Lisbon but I love it!

by Raul Pires Coelho 


“Lisbon tram 575” by Saša Pezelj 

Yes, it's only Lisbon but I love it!
This is my city, although I was not born here, because I live around for almost 40 years now.

Someone called it once “The white city”.  I use to call it “The sad city”, but it is not any more.  Deep down it is still the same city as in the past, with many centuries of history and all kinds of civilizations holding to it everywhere. But these days and in the last 3 years there has been a tourist boom. The magazine “Time Out” decided, go figure, to come here to promote Lisbon to international fashion. All the most important travel magazines talk about it, the trend is on. Planes, trains, boats and auto-mobiles flock inside hordes of tourists. Down-town is a mad crow.

For me, making a living here became a nightmare. I can't go anywhere any more. I can't walk the side-walk, I can't go inside a restaurant, I can't use my favourite stores.  Everything changed into hotels, restaurants and tourist stores. Prices have skyrocketed. At least many abandoned buildings have been restored for whatever calls for one more tourist. Big boats are making a cue to enter the small harbour, planes arrive every minute. If they are expecting to see how we, city natives, live our life, forget it: all they can see down-town is more tourists like they are.

Now I understand why people aren't nice to me when I go to crowded tourist places, like Florence, for example, where I've been recently... it's hard for me to be nice into this crowd of strangers invading my city when all I want is to go minding my own business quickly and undisturbed. But I try, of course, and help every time I can!

Well, this has nothing to do with my list today, or maybe it has!? Photography is always photography, crowds or not. Lisbon is the most beautiful place to walk around and feel the peaceful mood of small streets and the wide relaxing river with a bridge to walk along.

Come, see and photograph yourself. Write or talk to me if you need some information or if you would like a photo walk together with my old machines to fancy your day!


“Lisbon” by Rui Palha


“Around the corner” by BJ Yang


“The Queen” by Luis Sarmento


“Lisbon Story” by Marek Sawicki


“The Hole” by Luis Sarmento


“they will never meet...” by fatima salcedo


“You!” by Raul Santua


“Life in Bica” by Luis Sarmento


“the spectator” by Lorenzo Grifantini


“Untitled” by Mathieu Testa


“Untitled” by Mathieu Testa


“Lisboa” by René Vlayen


“Coffee's conversations” by Luis Sarmento


“Lilliputian” by Fernando Coelho


“Dozing on Parade” by Fernando Alves


“Lisbon suburbs” by Jose C. Lobato


“The sound of Solitude” by Luis Sarmento


“Ahead Of Me by BJ Yang


“Watchmen" by Paulo Abrantes

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