is 250 MP enough?

No matter what kind of photography we are doing, we generally want our photos to be in high resolution. The question is how high is high enough?

The technological developments in this area are remarkable. Not long ago, high resolution cameras were clumsy and expensive devices. The advances in recent years have changed the way we take photos and what we expect of a photograph in general.

A new milestone was reached yesterday when Canon revealed that they have created a CMOS sensor incorporating approximately 250 million pixels. That allows photos to be taken in a resolution of 19580 x 12600 pixels. It's the world's highest number of pixels for a CMOS sensor smaller than the size of a 35 mm full-frame sensor. 

250 MP CMOS sensor, © Canon.


The new sensor has so far only been tried out in a special prototype camera, customized for this purpose. With the new sensor, the camera managed to capture the lettering on the side of an airplane flying at a distance of 18 km away from the camera.

Prototype camera, © Canon.

This new technology is perhaps not intended for taking snapshots during family vacations. Instead, it's belived that this kind of ultra-high resolution can be used in surveillance and crime fighting. There are also several fields within industry and science were resolutions of this magnitude may prove useful.

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