Increase your chances of getting published

Increase your chances of getting published by adding a short description in the cog wheel below the photo "Edit photo details". If you explain how your photo is made or if you share an interesting story behind it, you are likely to get a higher score in member curation and increase your chance of being published. Besides the higher score, the official curators are more likely to publish because they will not be in doubt about how your photo is made or what they are looking at.

A good description is at least 3-4 sentences long and explains the idea behind the photo, where and when it's taken, what we see in the photo, how it's made and any other extra context.

You will also increase your chances of selilng prints if you add descriptions to them, since print buyers very often request to know the story behind the photo. Make photos availble as prints in "Account Settings".

Not the least, photos with descriptions will end up higher in the list of popular photos, since descriptions has such great value to viewers we want want to reward writing them.

If you are not that familiar with English, ask a friend to translate or try using Google translate and then fix the text a bit.

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