In the still of the night

1x photographers are not afraid of the dark. If you ever have doubted this, I would recommend you to check out Guillaume Legraverend list of great night time photos. You can find the complete list here.

If you need tips on how to create your own dark masterpieces, some of the best night photographers on 1x tells you their secrets here.

"Fireworks Lake Pusiano" by Roberto Marini.

"nikon Pano" by menghuailin.



"The Lone Tree" by Jesús M. García.

"Manhattan Skyline & Brooklin Bridge" by Fabien Bravin.

"Galactic warmth" by Nick Venton.

"Sombras Chinescas" by César Vega.

"Blaze" by Paul Reiffer.

"The Cave" by Wolongshan.

"Celestial" by Aaaron J. Groen.

"Unforgettable 9-11" by Javier de la Torre.

"Phantom Zone" by Yoshihiko Wada.

"Heart Of Dubai" by Monish Mansharamani.

"Higher only stars" by Sergei Makurin.

"Galaxy on a high mountain" by Yosuke Kashiwakura.

"Panorama of Budapest" by Thomas D Mørkeberg.

"Rain of Light" by Hardibudi.

"Grand Canyon Night" by Juan Pablo de Miguel.

"Ascendancy" by Taylor Franta.

"The Amazing Burj Khalifah" by Mohammad Rustam.

"San Francisco Sunrise" by Bryan Jolly.

"National Park Berchtesgadener Land" by Christian Bothner.

"Time travel" by Terje Madsen.

"Market Square" by paralaxa.

"Wintersunset" by Stefan Klören.

By Mikko Lagerstedt.

"Rovinj" by Harald Bildner.

"The Place Where Trees Stand in the Water" by VitaminB.

"Kiruna Aurora" by Antony Spencer.

"Pink city" by Atle Goutbeek.

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