Henk van Maastricht - Photographer of the week

by Yvette Depaepe

Henk van Maastricht's  work is mainly focused on Abstract and Architecture photography. From analogue he switched over to digital. He likes to process his photos in his very own way, always adding an original touch to make them outstanding. Enjoy reading more about this artist photographer. 



After having had an active life as a service technician in consumer electronics, I am retired now. I pursue photography and conduct the upkeep of our Japanese-styled garden with a large pond.

Like many novice photographers, I started out with holiday snaps and through contact with other photographers in the analogue generation I hid in the darkroom until all shoe boxes were filled.

The boost came alongside with the digital revolution. From a 2Mp compact to the entry level Nikon D50. I Studied all lecture on photography in the library and later became a member of the photography association ‘t Spectrum.










Through photography magazines and the website ZOOM and Zoom.nl I broadened my vision and linked up with engaging photographers with whom I still frequent the great architectural cities. Looking into each other’s work, reviewing it and exchanging experiences makes you a better photographer.










I still use the Nikon D300 with the 18-200 as my drudge, the tokina 12-24 for buildings and a macro Nikkor 85 mm. Complementary I have the Panasonic Lumix Fz 1000. I use the following software: Lightroom 6, PS Elements 14 de Nik collection and on the old computer I still run PS CS6.

Images in Raw are optimized and converted to Jpeg in Lightroom, so that they can, if needed, be edited in PS. For me this work is almost the most entertaining part, because on the computer you can creatively control and shape the pictures. A failed image will never be a good one, but a good photograph can be turned into a piece of art!










As a beginner, do not be discouraged. When you find something nice, go get it. Above all, get to know your camera well. There’s no avoiding editing. It may seem difficult at the start, but with some literature of Scott Kelby, information on the Internet and motivation one will learn the ropes fast. By discovering, trying and trying again you will develop yourself the fastest.

Beyond the great classical photographers, there are many others I respect and admire. Names won’t be given, but they are the people I have nice contact with. I would like to name one actually: Ben Goossens . Ben has such a free mind and imagination and he knows to capture ideas in an image in such a way that it leaves me in awe.




1x.com isn’t always loved, because only 5% of the pictures offered are published on the front page. It hurts to see a picture you were truly enthusiastic about end up in the dustbin. However, it also teaches you to review your own work objectively and develop an eye for details.

Altogether I am delighted to be a part of this society of excellent photographers on 1X.com.

Best greetings,
Henk van Maastricht
















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