Happy Midsummer from Sweden

Today is Midsummer Day (midsommar) one of the most important holidays in Sweden, where 1x is founded and run from. This holiday is so important because the winter in Sweden is very long and cold we celebrate that summer is finally here. If you won't get a reply from a Swedish person in Midsummer it's because everything is closed and probably less people are working than on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve.

Traditions include eating many different kinds of herring, drinking schnapps and grown ups jumping around a huge pole dressed with flowers singing the song "Little Green Frogs" pretending they are tiny frogs. "Little Frogs" is like the grand finale of a rock concert and the leader of the dance was panting with exhaustion and could only sing every other word in the end. Brining your kids is just an excuse for the adults to participate. Another classic Midsummer tradition is that it usually starts raining in the middle of your outside dinner even if there are blue skies and shining sun just 10 minutes earlier!

Fiddlers at Midsummer celebration in Old Uppsala.

Thousands of people dancing around the Midsummer pole in Old Uppsala.

Watch "Little Frogs" traditional dance on youtube here.

Little Frogs after a few schnapps too many.

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