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Learning is one of the most important values of 1x. We have a range of learning tools like critique, comments written in curation and tutorials. Right now, we are working very hard on creating the biggest collection of high quality photo tutorials on the internet in order to help people all over the world to take their photography to the next level and spread the joy and passion of this craft.

A tutorial is the story behind your photo describing how it was made. It should include the idea behind the photo, the planning, the preparation, the execution editing, three specific hints for taking a photo like this and a short biography. It should also include extra material like images from the photo shoot, before and after editing images, screen shots from Photoshop etc.

If you'd like to write tutorials for your published photos you will get 3 months of Pro membership and 3000 award points on 1x for each tutorial you write. This means that if you write 4 tutorials you will get an entire year of free Pro membership. And there is no limit on how many tutorials you can write.

Here are detailed instructions if you'd like to be published in our upcoming digital tutorial books to be released in the autumn this year. Send the finished tutorials by email to tutorials[at]

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