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by Yvette Depaepe


by Zhecho Planinski

Few members are aware that the 1x Magazine has some user friendly features making the blog easier to explore.  I hope this short article will be useful to all our readers.

The questions I'm most often asked are:

What happens to previously published articles and how can I find them?
Where can I find the article in which my images were selected?

First of all, the 1x Magazine functions as a blog and we are proud to publish new articles on a daily basis.


The 1x frontpage shows the most recent article.  When you click on the title next to Magazine, the latest article automatically opens.  In the tool bar on the left you will find the link to the article.

At the beginning of the article you will find the buttons to share automatically to Facebook, Twitter and Google+



On the right side of the article, you can see statistics:


By clicking on one of these articles it automatically opens.



Just below the Statistics you can seeCATEGORIES”.

Let's take as an example tag of the popular #Featured Photographers.
By clicking on this tag all the interviews with 1x members or famous photographers will appear.

On top you will see the thumbnail of the most recent interview and subsequently the slightly smaller thumbnails showing all the featured photographers interviews ever done.
It works fast and you will easily find the interview you're interested in.

TIP: If you were already interviewed, it might be an interesting link to add to your “about” in your portfolio.




By using these tags, you can scroll down through a specific category instead of scrolling down through all the articles.

This works for every tag under categories

#Weekly theme: here you can find all the themes and winners from the previous version of our photo contest (weekly).

#Monthly theme: the themes and winners from the current version of the monthly contest.

#Featured Photographers: all the interviews with 1x members or famous photographers ever done.

#Tutorials: all the tutorials published.

#1x News : important announcements.

#Books: about the yearbooks

Theme related galleries (lists) with photographic thoughts

#Other: All the articles that don't belong to any other category.

Any questions?  Feel free to write them down in the comment section below this article.  
I'll do my very best to give you the answers.

I wish you all a great weekend and fun exploring the 1x Magazine.
Cheers, Yvette 

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