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We have brought back the old awards system with a few new tweaks to determine the order in the list of top members. The idea is to encourage activity and communication, which makes 1x more fun and alive, and to show appreciation for everyone who is contributing to the community. Basically anything you do will increase your points, so there are many different ways to reach the top.

Besides current activity, we want to especially honor long time members who have a lot of published photos, so we have increased the points for published photos a lot to show how important you are to the community (500p per photo). 

Here are a few easy things you can do to climb a lot faster:

• Write tutorials, you can write tutorials for all your published photos (2000p per tutorial).

• Fill in complete information about published photos, camera info, description and location (200p per photo).

• Make your published photos available as prints in photo directory (100p per photo).

• Upload published photos in high res (100p per photo).

• Write comments in curation (5p for a comment and 50p for an awarded comment).

• Vote in curation (1p per vote).

Remeber to click the "Update now" button (which you find by clicking the points below your cover photo in your profile) to update your score!

Remember to update your score by clicking "Update now" in your awards-page in your profile.

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