Are you an English expert?

Big thanks for all photographers on 1x writing great tutorials and inspiring a lot of people to become photographers! Unfortunately we have experienced some problems with our Engish publisher and it is unfortunately uncertain when the tutorial books will be released in English. The good news is that we are going to make a digital version of the tutorial book, with all tutorials written so far, around 500 tutorials, included. This means that we have a lot of texts to proof-read.

If you are interested in helping out proof-reading tutorials please contact [email protected] English should be your native language and you should preferably have some special education in English or experience from writing or proof-reading. You should be an expert at English grammar, spelling and idioms and have some knowledge of photography and Photoshop as well. You will get one month of Pro membership for each tutorial that you proof-read and a free Passion book after proof-reading 20 tutorials.

Thanks for your help!

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