30 sweet 1x childhood memories

by Christian Roustan 

Childhood can eather be blessed or a nightmare, a living hell left behind or a paradise lost. Adults never stop observing, studying and protecting it, presumably to search and find their own roots.

Childhood inspires artists: poets write about it, movies depict it, painters and sculptors portray it, and of course, photographers freeze it in their lenses .. for our enjoyment.

Browsing through these photographs, all different, one is struck by their tremendous presence. Taking from life or posing for the photographer, children are fully into what they are doing..

Neither in the past nor in the future, their expression and body language fill instantly the moment and the space. They look absolutely natural and at the same time totally ingrossed.

"On est de son enfance comme on est d'un pays." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
(we are from our childhood as we are from one country.)


  "Prince of Dreams" by Claudio Pio



"on the farm" by Mira Bress



"Alice in Wonderland" by Lisa Holloway



 "Autumnus" by Bill Gekas



      "Catapult anger" by Monika Vanhercke



"here am I" by Christoph Hessel



       "Haciendo Planes" by Javier Senosiain



 "Shelter From The Storm" by Christophe Kiciak



"A child carrying a child" by Edith Hoffman


 "3 funny little teasers" by Victoria Ivanova


"The road to the future" by Francesco Fratto



   "Warmth" by Piet Flour



"Small autumn fairy" by stanislav hricko



"Men only..." by Adrian Sommeling



"dream" by Hari Sulistiawan


"White wings" by Julien Oncete


  "brother kissing sister" by Ketil Born



  "Hentakan terakhir" by Adhi Prayoga



  "Untitled" by Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia


"Roll and play it again" by Sebastian Kisworo



  "School Boy BW" by Sajedah Al-Asfoor



"playtime" by Deborah Parkin



  "Happiness is having nothing..." by John Moulds


  "compañeros" by Monika Strzelecka



  "Dulombi" by Daniel Rodrigues


  "School happiness" by Fadhel Almutaghawi



  "Writing lessons" by Marc Apers


  "Childhood Memories" by Benny Purnomo



  "do not disturb please !" by giuseppe maiorana


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