159 Different Nationalities Represented on 1x!

In every photographer's profile there is now a flag showing which country you are from. You can also search for members from different countries in "Community" > "Members" > "By country".

We are very happy to say that 1x has members from no less than 159 different countries! This means that you can make friends from all over the world and have very enriching cultural exchanges with other people on the site. There is so much to learn from people from different parts of the world and 1x is a true melting pot, where art makes people come together. This is one of the best things about art, how a common interest brings people closer to each other and renders cultural differences irrelevant - in fact such differences only make things a lot more interesting.

If you want to meet other photographers from many different places in real life, share tips about photography, go for photo walks or just hang out, check out our Meet-Ups group. This weekend there will be a big meet up in Amsterdam for example!

Photo by Colmar Wocke from the "London Calling" meet up.

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