"Hello... Goodbye Emotions" by 1x Photographers

by Editor Yvette Depaepe

One of the most powerful, yet difficult, elements to master in photography is capturing emotion and feeling. A really great image is one that conveys a mood and pulls the viewer into the scene. If a photo tells a story and tugs at the heartstrings, it’s successful.

by Jacob Tuinenga

This quote of Henri Cartier-Bresson – master in capturing emotions -  tells it all:
The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt.”

Capturing emotions with authenticity, movement, spontaneity, and mood is a perfect description for all the images in this gallery.   I focused particularly on 'Hello... Goodbye' feelings.
No titles, because they speak for themselves ;-)

Happiness, kisses and laughs...
Sometimes we see a person again after a long or short time.
We want to hug, kiss, smile, spend time with that person. We want to simply enjoy looking at them, and we don’t dare do it for many reasons.

Goodbyes, sorrow and tears...
Crying is not a weakness. Tears often well up as we say goodbye to someone.
It tightens our throat, it aches the heart, it stings our eyes with tears.

I found these touching 'Hello... Goodbye' images by 1x photographers showing genuine emotions and like to share them with you. They don't have a specific order. 
I have chosen for “random feelings” but most of them are BW, a personal taste.
Isn't BW the ultimate choice to intensify emotions?

Enjoy this gallery and let all your emotions flow...

“Goodbye” by Samanta

 by Richard Bland


by Michael Ramage


by Milena Seita


by Tom Baetsen – xlx.nl


by Mustafa Tiryakioglu


by Jure Kravanja


by Luis Sarmento 


by Natalie Gabriel 


by mmind 


by Yvette Depaepe 


by Piet Flour 


by Mirela Momanu 


by Mirela Momanu 


by Marc Apers 


by Paulo Abrantes 


by djeff act 


by Barbara 


by Nojan Heydari 


by Andre du Plessis ARPS 


by Dieter Matthes 


by Sebastian Kisworo 


by Margherita Vitagliano 


by storytaylor 


by Jochen Bongaerts 


by Ismail raja sulbar 


by Armonti Mardoyan 


by Adrian Donoghue 


by stanislav hricko

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