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Submit a photo by uploading it to your portfolio. Open it, click the settings icon ("cog") in the toolbar and click "Post for critique".
Photo Critique

Welcome to Photo Critique, a powerful and popular place to grow as a photographer by submitting your own images, and by providing critique to others.

Critique is open to everyone! Specific questions are addressed in the FAQ, but the “rules” are simple. When submitting a photo for critique, tell viewers about the image (include EXIF settings in the information), and ask specific questions (composition, processing, general impact, etc). When providing critique, explain your reasoning (“why” and “how” in addition to “what”), be honest, thorough, and respectful.


How does the critique forum work?

Anyone can submit photos to the critique forum, and anyone can submit critiques of photos posted there. Learning how to analyze and think about images created by others is one of the best ways to become a better photographer, so try to provide your own critique on a photo every time you submit a new one; it’s a great way to participate in the 1x community. The more people who participate by submitting photos and/or their own critiques, the better. When submitting critiques, please keep to the following limits for Free (1 image per week), Plus (5 images per week), and Pro (10 images per week) membership categories. The team of senior critics try to provide feedback on every photo submitted, and their comments can serve as examples for how to write your own critique.

How do I submit a photo for critique?

Upload an image to your portfolio, open it, click the settings icon (“cog” in the lower right of the screen, next to the social media icons), and click “Post for critique”. Add EXIF information (shutter speed, aperture, focal length, etc) to the photo info if it’s not there already since that information is useful to those providing critiques. And, most importantly, make sure you tell the audience what you want to get back from critique. Do you want advice about cropping, composition, exposure, white balance? Do you want advice about the perceived message or visual story of your photo? Adding this information will enhance the effectiveness of the responses you receive. More information means a better critique!

How do I critique a photo?

Start by reading some other critiques from the senior critics! Everyone has a different style and perspective, not only as a photographer but also as critic. Use those examples as a guideline and starting point. Think about your response to the photo—does it capture your emotion, curiosity, or admiration? What are the factors that contribute to your response? Explain that carefully and thoughtfully in your critique, and do so from the perspective of thinking about the question(s) posed by the photographer. An extensive article and discussion about critiques and comments is also available on the 1x blog, Critiques don’t need to be long (a paragraph may be sufficient) but they should be thoughtful and well-reasoned.

Are there any rules for writing critiques?

Be respectful! Honest, but respectful. Think about what type of responses you would like to see for your own photos, and write your response accordingly. Don’t be afraid about stating your opinion (even if it is different from other opinions and even if it isn’t positive) but do so in a way that is non-judgmental and not pejorative.

What about responding to critiques on your own photo?

Most people respond to critiques with a polite expression of gratitude, but if you’re unclear or have additional questions about something someone has said, use the opportunity to ask. It is best to respond (and ask questions) publicly since others will learn from the response. For the same reason, use English regardless of your and/or the critic’s native language, so others can learn from the exchange.

If I improve my photo based on critique will it be published?

The primary purpose of the critique forum is to learn and grow as a photographer and not to get images to the 1x front page. The senior critic team is completely independent of the curation team. Nonetheless, some images come to the critique forum, are revised based on comments received, sent to curation, and later published. And some images come to the critique forum after they’ve been sent to curation but rejected, and the response of the critics can also be helpful. Overall, participation in the critique forum (as both photographer and critic) won’t guarantee that an image will be published, but it will increase your appreciation and understanding of how viewers respond to images.

Can I delete a photo from critique?

If the image hasn’t been published on the front page, it can be deleted using the appropriate option in the settings ("cog") menu. But it’s probably better to leave most images since they serve as a cumulative learning experience for everyone.

Who are the senior critics?

A diverse group of photographers with respect to background, nationality, genre, and perspective, unified by a common interest in and belief that looking at and thinking about images is a great way to learn (and lots of fun).

What if someone critiques my photo incorrectly?

If you encounter a comment or image that is offensive or insensitive, please contact a moderator or the head senior critic.