Girls on Film

by Paulo Abrantes

Since the early days, women were maybe one of the first subjects to be photographed and maybe one of the few constants in the photography time line equation of subjects.

The conceptual reasons for this, being like it is, are the main subject in hundreds of art books and talking about “why”, this would just be pointless because it´s so obvious and even more obvious to all those that professionally or in an amateur way, carry a camera in their hands.

"I want to travel so much with you..." by Katja Gehrung


The point is, when it comes to any kind of artistic expression, music, painting, sculpture, cinema, photography, etc, no one can really escape the power of a female body or a female face, for so many reasons: they express pure beauty, they express sensuality, they express mystery, desire, passion and all the best things that nature has created with the human race. And if this was not enough, women also have a special place reserved just for them in almost all the religions in the world.

Throughout the History of Humankind, wars were fought and peace was made because of women, kingdoms fell down and were raised because of women, friendships were torn apart and made for life because of women. And that is not all, look through any Art History book and you will find a comprehensive part dedicated to women, just because they are the real subject and have played a major part in the artistic production throughout time.  All the signs today show us that this will continue to be the same in the future also.

As for why this is?

Some call it “Women´s Power”, and they also say that for a better understanding one needs a “global perspective”.

Me? Like everybody else, I have my personal opinion about the reason why things are like this but because I can be “wrong”, I will just leave you here with some great clues.

Surrealism, Hyper realism, Impressionism, conceptualism – you name it, all with different approaches but always the same dead end - working together or standing alone, these images really show great examples to perceive why things are like this, as besides showing a woman, they really have some message within the frame. It is of course, up to viewer to decode the message and meaning.

Below are 33 hints to achieve the absolute mental chaos in search for that answer – never discovered and as such, ever so beautiful.

“Shadow Lines with Helmut Newton” by Lara Kantardjian


“So what ??” by Angéla Vicedomini

“The Origins” by Ruslan Bolgov


“Untitled” by Bobby Kostadinov



“Nude dots” by Jan Blasko

 “Nur ein Stein – How to disappear completely” by Dirk Mentrop

“Secrets“ by Radovan Skohel



“The angels ephemerals” by Sol Marrades

“Stand tall” by Mel Brackstone

“toxic light” by Mandrake Zp

Sexual hang-over” by Ben Goossens


“Winter is coming” by Jacob Tuinenga

“Aimee and Jaguar” by holger droste

“Untitled” by Nobuhiro Ishida

“Untitled” by JAE


“Fency” by Erik Schottstaedt


“always been waiting” by Anja Buehrer


“Attic mirror” by Frank Gustrau


“the visitor” by alejandra baci


“Kelly” by Monika Vanhercke


 “Olga, Wet plate 18x24” by Dzmitry Az


“Joanna” by Dorota Górecka


“White Roses” by DDiArte


“Charging” by Samanta


“Les filles du bord de mer” by eric drigny


“Untitled” by Anca Cernoshi


“Waiting” by Hardibudi


“Flighty” by Ester Margraff


“just a little bit fashion” by Astrid Naumann


“At a loss” by kenp




“Under a dark sun” by Olivier Lannes


“EPHIMERA VI” by Alejandro Marcos


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