ND-AWARDS 2015: 1x winners and honorable mentions

The Annual photography contest ND Awards aims to create new opportunities to present valuable work to the audiences all over the world.  A place where photographers can thrive through competition.

The results of the ND-AWARDS 2015 were published last week.  Surprisingly many 1x members were between the winners and honorable mentions.  Congratulations to all !!!  Admire this compilation of awarded images who were already published previously on 1x.  

Carlo Cafferini : 1 bronze medal
DDiarte : 1 honorable mention
Dr Akira Tatsuo : 1 gold medal, 1 honorable mention
Ekaterina Zagustina : 1 honorable mention
Fang Tong : 1 bronze medal
Foad Mirzaie : 1 gold medal
Hans Martin Doelz : 1 gold medal
Jackson Carvalho : 2 gold medals, 1 bronze medal, 10 honorable mentions
Klaus Lenzen : 1 honorable mention
Marcel Van Balken : 2 honorable mentions
Pekka Järventaus : 1 gold medal, 1 honorable mention
Samuel Feron : 1 silver medal, 1 honorable mention
Simona Forte : 1 honorable mention
Tatsuo Suzuki : 1 gold medal
Yoshihiko Wada : 1 silver medal, 1 honorable mention


Extinction Extremis by DDiarte


he Portal by Dr Akira Takaue



Imagine by Ekaterina Zagustina 



On the Road by Fang Tong



In the library by Hans Martin Doelz 


Methamorphosis - Snail by Jackson Carvalho 



Gray on Gray by Klaus Lenzen 


Beach Party by Marcel Van Balken 



Untitled by Simona Forte 


Friction / Tokyo Street by Tatsuo Suzuki


Phantom Lights by Yoshihiko Wada

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