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Frequently Asked Questions
Why have you launched a new version of 1x?
The idea behind the new version of 1x is to create an online photo gallery experience which is more like a real arts gallery. In a real photo gallery, photos are enjoyed in big size and not as a catalog of small thumbnails. You can now change the order, size and alignment of photos on your profile page and create different exhibitions, just like in a real gallery. We aim to raise the quality of the whole site by curating all photos, even photos on photographers' profiles, which were not curated in the previous version. This is truer to our artistic vision of 1x and the original version launched in 2007, where all photos were curated. Our artistic vision is to create an online photo exhibition with the works of all the best photographers in the world. We want to involve all photographers more in the curation process to give you more power to publish and reject photos. Curating is a great way to gain experience and learn to take your photography to the next level. In the curation process we also provide much more feedback than before about your photos and different aspects of photos such as composition, technical quality, colors, light, editing and originality. It is very easy to request critique on photos and the curation experience is much more dynamic than before when providing feedback while curating.
What will happen to the old version of 1x?
The old version of 1x is going to be discontinued and replaced by the new version September 1, 2021, because we want to create a single user experience for all our members and visitors, without the confusion of having two parallel systems. We are not going to discontinue the old version before all functionality and features have been transferred to the new version. However, it will not be possible to upload photos for free in the new version.
How does curation work?
Curation of photos takes place in three different steps. In the first step all members vote on photos to give photographers an idea about how popular they are with the general public, which is interesting to know when choosing photos for an exhibition. The bar for being passed on to the second step, the expert curators is quite low, so most photos are sent to the second step. In the second step, the expert curators decide which photos are published or rejected. Published means published in your profile and under "Latest published" in the drop-down menu in the front page. To make sure only very high-quality photos are published, there is a built-in test in curation which determines how skilled each expert curator is. The most skilled curators get much more power in curation, to make sure that all decisions are accurate and taken by very skilled curators. In this step you will get a score on your photo about how popular it is among very skilled experts. The first two steps usually take 2-3 days to complete. Published photos are passed on to the official head curators to have the chance to be awarded. Awarded photos will be exhibited directly on the front page under "Popular" and "Latest awarded" in the drop-down menu. This normally takes 1-2 weeks. A notification will be sent out if the photo is awarded.
Who are the curators?
Our head curators are award-winning photographers with experience from institutions such as Tate Modern Art and Sotheby's or master titles from the Federation of European photographers. Our team currently consists of 15 curators. The expert curators are members from our community who have proven to be especially skilled in curating photos.
What does "published" mean?
Published means that a photo has been approved by the curators and expert curators and will be displayed on your profile and under "Latest published" in the drop-down menu in the front page. This means that all photos on 1x are now curated and that the quality is significantly raised compared to the previous version where photos on profiles were not curated.
What does "awarded" mean?
Awarded means that a photo has been approved by the official head curators and will be displayed directly on the front page of 1x. Awarded photos are found under "Popular" and "Latest awarded" in the drop-down menu on the front page. It usually takes 1-2 weeks after your photo has been published for your photo to be awarded. If your photo has not been awarded in 2 weeks, it means it will not be awarded.
Can I upload photos for free?
No, in order to send photos to curation you need a paid subscription, since 1x is a premium community and paid subscriptions are necessary to finance extensive administration, support, hosting and constant development. We have chosen not to litter 1x with ads since it goes against our artistic vision, which means we are dependent on paid memberships instead. By getting a paid subscription you are contributing to developing and improving our community. Upgrade your membership here.
How do I register an account?
Click the green button "Sign up" at the top right to register a new account. It's completely free to register.
Is it free to register?
Yes, it's free to register and with a free account you can collect favorites and write comments. However, you need a paid subscription in order to upload photos to the curators and to make your own exhibitions. Upgrade your membership here.
What are the benefits with a paid membership?
With a paid membership you can upload photos to the curators to get extensive feedback and have the chance to be published in our prestigious front-page gallery, gain in-depth critique from our experienced senior critics and create your own exhibitions. Click here to upgrade.
How many photos can I upload at the same time?
As a paying member, you can upload 20 photos per week. In the new version you can only have one photo in curation at the same time. When the photo has been published or rejected by the expert curators you can send a new photo to curation. This normally takes 2-3 days, which means that you can send 2-3 photos to the curators each week. The reason for only having one photo in curation at the same time is to make it easier to follow the curation process for each photo and take part in all feedback. The idea is also to reduce the number of photos in curation, to make sure that only the absolute best photos are uploaded and give curators more time to evaluate each photo. In this way we raise the quality of the site while reducing the workload for curators. When a photo has been published and passed on to the head curators, you can immediately send a new photo to curation, without having to wait for the head curators to award your photo.
How do I upload photos?
Click the big green "Upload"-button in the top right corner. You can upload 20 photos every week. When you have uploaded photos click on a thumbnail to send a photo to curation. You can only have one photo in curation at the same time. When a photo has been published or rejected by the curators and expert curators, you can send another photo to curation.
How do I send photos to curation?
Click the green button "Upload" in the top right corner. Then click on the photo you want to send to the curators. Now click on the button "Send to curators".
How do I edit information about photos?
Click on your account menu and then "Photos" to open a list of your photos. Then click the "Edit"-buttons to the right to edit information like the title, category, description and exif.
How do I re-upload photos?
If you have improved a photo you can re-upload it in the action menu below your photo in full size.
How do I delete photos?
Delete one of your photos in the action menu below a photo in full size.
Do you allow using stock photos in my images?
No, all parts of an image must be taken by yourself. If your image is a montage, all included elements should be photographed by you.
How do I edit my biography?
You can write or edit your biography in "Settings" in the account-menu. It's very important to write a biography about yourself to increase the interest in your photography.
How do I change my presentation photo?
You can add or change your presentation photo in "Settings" in your account-menu in the top right corner. It's a very good idea to upload a presentation photo to make your profile much more interesting.
What are exhibitions?
Exhibitions is a powerful tool to create online exhibitions with your photos. You can add quotes, change the order of your photos and align them in different ways and change the size. Just like a gallery curator arranging prints on the walls of an exhibition you can do the same. The landing page on your profile is an exhibition which you can customize, you can also add more exhibitions and decide which one should be your landing page. You can also use exhibitions to display series of images.
How do exhibitions work?
To start creating a new exhibition go to your profile. Click the account menu in the top right when you are logged in to 1x and then the button "Go to your profile". Click "Create a new exhibition" at the top to get started. Name your new exhibition and then click "Select photos". Select all photos you want to include in the exhibition. Numbers will indicate how many photos are selected. When you are done click "Create". In the exhibition editor you can re-arrange the photos by dragging and dropping either the large photos to the left or the thumbnails to the right (in the desktop version). Under the large images you can align them to the left or right or make them appear in big size. y clicking the button "Add object" you can add a title, or bigger or smaller text block in between your images. The texts can also be re-arranged by dragging and dropping. Click "Delete" to remove an image or text. When you are done editing your exhibition make it visible to the public by checking the box "Open for visitors" in the lower right. You can also select to add all new photos you upload automatically or make it the landing page of your profile by using the other checkboxes. Remember to click "Save" when you are done.
How do I edit exhibitions?
To edit an existing exhibition hover the "Exhibitions" menu on your profile, hover the exhibition you like to edit and click the blue "Edit" button.
How do I delete an exhibition?
Edit an exhibition and then click the red "Delete" button in the lower right.
How do I protect my photos?
We are preventing right clicking to download photos from 1x and you can activate automatic copyright watermarks in Settings for extra protection.
How do I get feedback on my photos?
When uploading your photos to curation you will get extensive feedback such as how popular your photo is among all members and the expert curators, as well as which are the best aspects of your photo and which areas can be improved. After curation is finished you can submit your photo to critique for extensive feedback. You can also discuss directly withour critics by uploading photos in our critique forum. You can upload any images in the critique forum, they don't have to pass through curation first.
How do I buy prints of photos on 1x?
Empty walls scream for art! Click the link "Buy print" below a photo to order a printed copy. You can choose between a big number of different materials, sizes and frames. On the front page when you are not logged in and in the menu to the left click "Art prints" to browse all prints. Our prints are especially selected among millions of photos to be the absolute best for your wall.
Can I sell prints of my photos?
Yes, with just a few clicks you can sell prints of your photos on 1x and our vast global network of print resellers. At the moment, we have over 100 partners selling prints all over the world, so by selling prints on 1x you will reach a huge international audience of buyers. The profits from sold prints are split 50/50 between you and 1x. Follow how your sales are growing in Earnings in your Account.
How do I get paid for sold prints on 1x?
Make sure to enter your Paypal email address in Settings in your Account to be paid out. You will be paid out every three months when you have reached one of the minimum payout limits of 50 EUR or 50 USD separately. You have the option to be paid out or convert your earnings into Pro membership.
Can I license photos from 1x?
Yes, it's possible to license photos from 1x for selling wall art such as fine art prints, posters, canvas and wall murals. We have a big catalog of nearly 100,000 prints curated for the past 14 years. If you become one of our partners, our art directors will help suggesting photos for you based on the latest trends, your style and our top selling motifs. We also have our own studio producing unique photography and illustrations in the latest trend colors with extremely high technical quality. If you are interested in licensing photos from 1x, contact our licensing agents at licensing[at]
I have forgot my password, what should I do?
Click "Log in" in the top right corner and then the link "Forgot password?" at the bottom of the pop-up window to reset your password. Or go here to reset it.
Can I add watermarks in my photos?
We do not allow photos to be uploaded with added text, borders, watermarks, logos or copyrights. However, to protect your images we can automatically add watermarks with your copyright if you activate it in Settings in your account menu. Check the box "Append my name on all my photos (copyright protection)" and then remember to click save.
Can I add borders to my photos?
To make sure that all photos have a uniform and beautiful style we do not allow borders in photos on 1x. Please make sure to upload all photos without any borders. Creative borders which are integrated into the picture might be accepted on rare occasions but to have the greatest chance of publication please avoid borders.
What are the rules for commenting and writing on 1x?
Remember to always be polite and friendly when writing comments on 1x, as misunderstanding can easily otherwise happen on the internet. It's ok to give critique on photos but it needs to be constructive and you should always point out something positive about an image as well when giving critique.
How do I show or hide nude content?
In Settings in your account menu you can show or hide nude content. If you select the fine art nude category, nude content will be displayed even if you have turned the nude filter on.
How do I contact a photographer?
If you need to contact a photographer on 1x, please contact support[at] and we will help you to get in touch.
How do I contact support?
Send an email to support[at] if there is anything you need help with or wonder about.
How do I contact 1x?
1x Innovations AB c/o Vossington AB
Regeringsgatan 29, floor 5
S-111 53 Stockholm

VAT-number: SE556810357501
Phone number: +46 (0) 73946 84 37

Always send an email before contacting us on the phone because it's much easier for us to help you out on email.