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MEET-UP in BRUGES second half of March 2014
2 days ago
Lisboa 2nd May
Valentina Del Fuoco
6 days ago
Berlin Meeting 2014 - prearrangement requests
Klaus-Peter Kubik | KPK
8 days ago
Cover Photo - Bruges Meet Up 2014
Piet Flour
11 days ago
NYC meet-up May 2-May 4
Anna Golitsyna
30 days ago
Leica User Weekend, Venice Italy
Jip van Kuijk
2 months ago
6 months in Taiwan
Radu R.
2 months ago
Madrid Meetups
Juan Carlos Heredia
3 months ago
Spring in lakeland.
Bill Plews
3 months ago
NYC Meetup, May 2014, with a possible Boston addition
Anna Golitsyna
4 months ago
Alaska Meetup?
Ansel Siegenthaler
4 months ago
New York or Boston meetup
Anna Golitsyna
4 months ago
Amsterdam Calling I
Ricky Siegers
6 months ago
Munich Calling October 12/13th 2013
Phyllis Clarke
6 months ago
Meet-up in Hong Kong
Martin Gunnarson
6 months ago
LONDON CALLING by Gerard Sexton Late September 2013
Jan Gravekamp
6 months ago
Anyone from Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, or Konak Serbia
Shamas Malik
9 months ago
Meeting up with the Indonesian community
Hengki Lee
9 months ago
People from Zaragoza, Aragon - Spain
Gennaro Cortese
10 months ago
Sydney, Australia Meetup
Adrian Donoghue
10 months ago
Amsterdam etc Meet up...Photos..GALLERY HERE
Lars Grepstad
10 months ago
Amsterdam Meeting Photo
Phyllis Clarke
10 months ago
Amsterdam Rotterdam Calling 25/26 May
Jan Kooreman
11 months ago
Logo Photo
gerard sexton
11 months ago