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About 1x

What is 1x?

1x the world’s most exclusive photo community. All photos in the gallery are curated, selected by a team of 11 professional curators. On your profile page however, you have complete control over which images to show and you can upload in HD-quality, up to 2500x1900 pixels. 1x is probably the most elegant and clutter-free website for watching photos on the internet, like a real photo gallery experience. In our groups and forums you can discuss photography with members from more than 160 different countries and inspire each other.

Photographers can sell all photos uploaded to 1x even with a free account. We will actively market your photos to customers and through our several partners who are very successful at selling prints. We have a unique partnership with Eurographics, the biggest prints provider in Europe, with hundreds of stores in more than 60 countries. Art directors, advertising agencies, book editors, magazines and big software companies contact us everyday with requests to buy images. Many of our photographers are now represented in art galleries, having been discovered on 1x.

We want to inspire everyone, not just photographers, who wants to enjoy a daily “art moment” spending some time to wind down after work, relaxing and viewing the latest published photos in the gallery. We believe that art is a basic human need and our vision is to make photo art easily available to everyone.

If you want to develop as photographer, we have a unique critique forum, with especially appointed senior critics who provide expert critique. Use our tutorials to be inspired and find out how stunning images are made. We believe that everyone has a huge inner potential, just waiting to be unlocked.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Sign up to 1x to get your own free beautiful HD-portfolio, with razor sharp images up to 2500x1900 pixels. Members can add photos to favorites using the star below each photo and collect photos in playlists. As a member you can upload photos and sell them as prints on your profile. Free members can upload 10 photos to their profiles and send 1 photo to the curators for consideration in the gallery each week. Members can sell prints through 1x and our many partners and discuss photography in groups and forums.

What are the benefits of being a paying member?

Paying members can upload an unlimited number of photos in HD-quality to their profile and send a lot more photos for consideration to the curators than free members. If your photo is sent to the curators and published in the gallery, it will receive a lot of extra attention. Pro members also get their own fully cutomizable personal Pixu homepage with unlimited HD-quality uploads, a personal blog, Google Analytics statistics, custom domain name support and a prints store.

How do I buy prints?

All photos available as prints are listed under “Fine Art Prints” in the “Shop”-menu. You can also find photos available as prints from specific photographers on their profiles. Click the buy-button in the toolbar below a photo you are interested in to preview it on a wall and to order it. Normal processing and shipping time is 1-3 weeks depending on where you live. Medium sized prints (50x75 cm or 20x30”) are 149€ / $149 for EU / non-EU customers. Large size prints (70x100 cm or 28x40”) are 199€ / $199. Free worldwide shipping is included. For customers outside of the EU and US, extra custom duties may apply. We print on highest quality possible photographic paper, which will last for a lifetime. Our 24 hours support is always ready to help.

How do I purchase a license to use a photo for a book cover etc?

Contact with any requests about buying photos for book covers, websites, marketing material, etc. and we will contact the photographer for you and negotiate a deal.

What are playlists and how do they work?

On 1x you can collect photos you like in playlists and play them in stunning full screen slideshows. Open a photo you want to add to a playlist and click the playlist menu in the toolbar below. Click “create playlist” to create a new playlist or “Add photo” to add it to an existing playlist. Click the play button to start a slideshow.

You can follow interesting playlists by clicking on someone’s profile and then their “Playlist” tab. Click on a playlist and then “follow” to stay updated with your favorite playlists.

In “Photos” → “Playlists” you can enjoy playlists especially featured by 1x and see the playlists you follow.

How do I add photos to favorites?

Use the star in the toolbar to add a photo to favorites. It will automatically be added to your favorites playlist.

How do I follow favorite photographers?

Log in to 1x go to someone’s profile and click “Follow” to follow them. You will see all the latest photos by photographers you follow under “Photos” → “New photos” → “Following”. Photographers you follow are listed in “Photos” → “Members” → “Followed”. You can see who is following you by clicking on the button with the number of followers in your profile.

How do I upload photos?

Go to your “Account”-menu (the menu with your name on it) and select “Upload photos”. You can drag and drop photos to the button or click it and select files. Free members can upload 10 photos per week and as a paying member you can upload an unlimited number of photos to your profile. Make sure to convert your photos to standard sRGB save them in jpg-format using “save for web”. You can upload photos in any size to your profile, they will be automatically resized if they are too big.

What are you size recommendations for uploading photos?

1x supports displaying your photos in stunning HD-quality, up to 2500x1900 pixels. You can upload photos in any size and they will be downsized to this maximum resolution if they are bigger. Photos sent to the curators should have a width or height of at least 1000 pixels. The higher resolution you upload in, the more impressive your photos will be to the viewers. We recommend uploading all photos in at least 1500 pixels on the long side. Click “Re-upload this photo” in the cog wheel menu in the toolbar below it to re-upload a photo in bigger size. Paying members can enable automatic copyright protection.

How do I send photos to the curators for consideration in the gallery?

Click on the cog wheel menu below the photo to send a photo to the curators for review. If it’s published in the gallery it will get a lot of extra exposure. Free members can send 1 photo to the curators each week, Plus members 5 photos and Pro members a maximum of 10 photos. The photo will be published in the gallery within 2 weeks if it’s selected.

How does curation work?

Free members can send 1 photo to the curators for consideration in the gallery each week, Plus members 5 photos and Pro members 10 photos. The curators decide which photos to publish in the gallery depending on its idea, mood and technical quality. The curators mainly look for originality and variety in the gallery. If a photo is not selected, it’s often because a similar photo has been published before.

How do I know if my photo was published or rejected?

If your photo is published you will get a notification within 1-2 weeks, otherwise it was rejected. However, if you don’t delete your rejected photos, they might be reconsidered by the curators and published later, so we recommend keeping all photos on your profile.

How do I gain feedback on my photos?

Unfortunately the curators don’t have the time to write comments on photos because hundreds of photos are uploaded for consideration in the gallery every day. The best way to gain feedback is to post your photos in our critique forum.

How does the critique forum work?

Gain feedback on your images in the critique forum and have the chance to receive expert critique by one of our especially appointed senior critics. Critique is give and take, so to gain critique on one of your photos, you first have to provide critique on three other photos. Even the opinions of non-experts is very helpful, since most of the people viewing photos are not experts. The important thing is to always carefully explain, why you have a certain opinion.

What is groups and forums?

Discuss anything photography related or just hang out in our nearly 100 different groups and forums. You can even create your own groups about special interests or your local photo club for example. Each member can upload 5 photos to a group gallery every day and the group admins might especially feature your photos. Click “Add to group gallery” in the cog wheel below one of your photos to upload it to a group. Make new friends and exchange experiences with skilled photographers from more than 160 different countries.

What is Curator’s Choice?

All photos in the gallery on the front page are curated, but Curator’s Choice is a special recognition for photos the curators want to give extra attention. Only a few photos are selected every week and it’s the highest honor on 1x to be selected for Curator’s Choice.

What is weekly theme?

Every week there is a fun competition where you can upload one photo on a specific theme and vote on your favorites. Submit a photo to weekly theme in the cog wheel below the photo.

How does print sales work?

All photos on 1x can be sold as prints. Go to “Account settings” (in your portrait at the top right of the window) check the checkbox “enable sales of prints and downloads” and hit save. We currently do not offer sales of downloads, but we are working on it. Click “select photos to sell” to select which photos to offer for sale. A green check mark will indicate which photos you have made available for sale. Remember to click save when you are done. Go to “select photos to sell” to make new photos available for sale after you have uploaded them. Please upload all photos made available for prints in high resolution by selecting “Upload print version” in the cog wheel below the photos in full size. The profit for each print sold is roughly split 50/50 between you and 1x.

How do I sell photos through 1x partners?

You can increase sales of prints a lot by selling prints through our partners. 1x is working with many different companies who are specialised in selling prints. Sign the “Third party print sales agreement” in “Account settings” to make your photos available as prints. You also have the unique opportunity only for 1x members to sell photos through Eurographics, the biggest prints provider Europe, by signing the “Eurographics print sales agreement” and selecting which photos to make available for them in the button “Select photos to make available for Eurographics”. If Eurographics selects one of your photos you can not sell it in other places. Royalty paid to 1x by our partners will be split 50/50 with you.

How do I get paid for sold prints?

Remember to enter a paypal email address in your account settings, or otherwise it will not be possible for us to transfer any money to you. Payouts will be made at the end of the next calendar quarter when you have reached the minimum amount.

How do I edit information about photos?

In the cog wheel in the toolbar below each photo you can edit the information about your photos.

How do I re-upload photos?

We highly recommend that you re-upload your photos in high resolution in the cog wheel below the photos in full size to make them much more impressive.

How do I delete pictures?

You can delete photos on your profile which have not been published by the curators. Delete photos in the cog wheel menu in the toolbar below full size photos.

How do I delete my account?

If you no longer wish to be a member of 1x, go to “Account settings” in your “Account menu” (your portrait in the top right of the window) and click delete account. It will be hidden from the public immediately and deleted within one month if you don’t log in again, so you have the chance to change your mind.

Do you allow copyright text in photos?

All high resolution photos are watermarked with an 1x logo in the top right. You are not allowed to add your own watermarks or copyrights on photos sent to the curators. This is because we want all the photos in the gallery to have a uniform style. However, Plus and Pro members can activate automatic copyright protection for all of their images.

Do you allow borders in photos?

Photos sent to the curators for consideration in the gallery should not contain any borders because we want to keep a uniform style in the gallery. On your profile, your are allowed to add borders to your photos.

Do you allow using stock photos from other photographers in my photos?

All parts of photos sent to the curators should consist of photos taken by you. You are not allowed to use stock photos in montages. For photos only uploaded to your profile, make sure you have sufficient rights to display them, you are responsible for any copyright infringes.

What are the rules for writing comments on 1x?

Remember to always use a friendly polite language when communicating on 1x. Offensive comments might lead to a ban or deletion of your account.

How do I show or hide nude content?

Enable or disable the nude filter in your account settings.

How do I contact 1x?

1x Innovations AB Salagatan 18A S-753 23 Uppsala SWEDEN

Email: Phone: +46 (0) 73 946 84 37. Please send an email before contacting us on the phone.

1x was founded in 2007 by Jacob Jovelou and Ralf Stelander in Uppsala, Sweden.

How do I contact a photographer?

To contact a photographer log in to 1x and leave a message in their guestbook in their “About” tab.

How do I contact support?

Before contacting support read this FAQ carefully to make sure that your question has not already been answered. You are welcome to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Email to support is: