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eldad pniniIsrael123299pJoined 2012
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I really like your work, because it's very original for me. I also like the fact that you have the courage to be different. Your work makes me think and often smile. If photo's makes you look, think and smile than it's successful work.
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography

I would just in short.
Endorse Eldad for skills in portrait photographer. His/her photos are simply beautiful and a little bit different than others. Keep going and good light!
Davorin Baloh(@follow)
Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
Your Fotografienen and composing are very impressive, but also very startling. This is not for the faint of heart. Your imagination and creativity is remarkable. Art that has draft and some time claimed to be understood. Anyway, I'm impressed and wish you many ideas and courage. regards Franziskus
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
For me your work is extraordinary, different and I love that you are not playing is safe. It is great to see someone that loves to experiment. It is easy to shoot photos like everyone is shooting but it is hard to bring something new, authentic and that it makes sense.