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Natalia Simongulashvili ( NATALIORION )Georgia43841pJoined 2013
  Austria, Linz, 13th of October 2014Trierenberg Super Circuit & Special Themes Circuit 2014. Gold Medal of ExcellenceTrierenberg Super Circuit Gala Dinner - Amazing show, real celebration of beauty!   I would like to thank organizers of this event, who managed to unite people from all over the world, connected to art, real professionals and just ordinary people, who are obsessed with their passion for art. They gave us a chance to meet each other, to see each other's works and get appreciation for it. With huge respect I would like to mention organizer and the host of the evening - Mr. Chris Hinterobermaier, and thank him again.Austria, Linz, 12th of October 2015Trierenberg Super Circuit & Special Themes Circuit 2015. Second Gold Medal of ExcellenceTrierenberg Super Circuit Gala EveningI've been lucky again to receive a Gold Medal at the annual prestigious contest, held at the Design Center Linz (Austria).My sincere thanks to the jury and sponsors of the Gala evening, particularly to Mr. Christian Hinterobermaier.