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Sajin SasidharanUnited Arab Emirates108554pJoined 2012

Meet Sajin Sasidharan .. 

I am a self-taught Indian amateur photographer based in Dubai, an AutoCad Engineer by profession but fueling my desire of photography on weekends alongside.

I started shooting when I was 18 but got serious once I moved to Dubai in 2010. Initially, I used to shoot everything from Wildlife, Landscapes and Street Life to portraits but eventually, I got to refine the category I loved most and started focusing on long exposure & B&W fine art photography. 

My little achievement for the year includes:

- 1st place (Best of Emirates) in Xposure International Photography Festival 2017, Sharjah, UAE 

- Siena Awards 2017 Finalist. 

- 5nos. Honorable mentions in monocrome awards 2016 in architecture catagory. 

- 2nd Place & Silver Star Award in ND awards 2016 for Architecture cityscape category.

- Nominations in ND Awards 2016 for Architecture Bridges category.

- 2nd Place in Xposure international photography festival 2016 , Sharjah, UAE (Fine Art)

- 2nd Place in International Fine Art Photography Awards (Cityscapes);

- Nominations in Architecture and Seascapes categories (Amateur);

- Nomination in ND Awards 2015 for fine art landscape category; 

- Publications in “” .

- Interview publication in the Magazine “Shades of Grey” published by a French Photojournalist and publisher and

- Interview publication in online magazine called 'Capture Mania'

As far as my photography technique and style are concerned, I always love minimalistic compositions with long exposure and love to play with lights & shades which are the heart beat of my images. I always keep my composition simple so my final artwork comes out perfectly clean, smooth and gives a relaxing feel while we look at it and spend lot of time in altering tonal relationships in my photos by making white what once was black and vice versa or something in between. I create separate accurate selections for my image to control the shapes, the sharpening of light by using gradient tool to transfer my artistic vision to my photograph which is the main time consuming thing in my workflow. 

Photography is the only passion I have and I loose myself while I shoot. My images are all about what I feel and how I see this world and I love what I do.