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Pauline Pentony MA ARPS DPAGBUnited Kingdom79588pJoined 2013
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Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
I Endorsed Pauline, because her works so incredible in art and most of that have a contrast point and well executed with great lighting. Nice meet you in here Pauline, I hope someday we can meet , I want to see your shoot and learn from you..Warm regards always..
Endorsing for skills in Performance photography
You always display a good image construction and arrangement. Excellent image editing. Motion in photos makes for a great effect. Contrast with White backgrounds is always powerful. Love the ballet photos!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Pauline, You are absolutely great at using the power of contrast through the black background and the white of your ballerinas. It not only isolates the subject magnificently but also brings the "virginity" stereotype of the ballerinas to the fore. Your combination of technical prowess and the psych play in the message is masterful
Endorsing for skills in Action photography
i would like to endorse Pauline for action photography.She has very nice photos...good ideas and post proceeding.I am very impressed by them.I like her style..and view to the world.very beatiful images to me!!!!