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Osamu JingujiJapan10000pJoined 2013
My current profile and artist statement for overseas exhibitions or art fairs in worldwide.

[TOP NEWS-New Book Information: On Sale at all famous book store/on-line in Japan from Oct-8-2016!!]

A Photographer's Guide Book in Japan "ProCameraman's File 2017" The cutting-edge works of all-round categories: Models, Nude, Landscape / Nature, Free Theme, Movie by 140 photographers and over 600 images!! (My profile and works: p236 & p237 of total 308 pages)
As for more detailed Information of "ProCameraman's File 2017, please refer to their news dated Oct-3 of "Japan Creators.Jp" by all Japanese Language.
1. My History / Profile


Photo Artist/Creator in Japan, Photography Contributor for Art+Commerce / VOGUE (New York, PhotoVogue Collection)
*The amount of my works : 3,599 stuffs dated Dec-1st-2015 (4th-May-2010 ~)
My Portfolio : (

'To beat my SELF, beat my CORE and beat my EXISTENCE. That’s my PASSION, my CHALLENGING and my LIFE. And! That’s my ART & SOUL in this world.'
(by Osamu Jinguji, Jun-11-2012)

My short history is as follows; 
★1980~83 – Theater Section of Art Department at Nihon University. ★1984~85 – Appeared as an actor at Shuji Terayama Mourning Theatrical Event - The First Performance ‘Kasper’, PARCO produced, and at the movie ‘The Bloody Afternoon’, Ryudo Uzaki produced, and so on. ★1988~2009 – Worked for Semiconductor Industries. ★2000~06 – Climbed the top of the mountains in the world (totally 7 countries) including African continental highest peak 5,895m, Mt.Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. ★2009 – Photograph & Poem anthology book “Sujiganeiri-no-shounen” (published by Gentosha Renaissance). ★2010 – Launched my original brand “One-Time Firefly”. ★2011 – Featured in one of web magazines ‘THE NEW YORK OPTIMIST’. ★2012 – ☆June 18th featured at the Times Square NYC, Broadway. ☆July - The International Contemporary Art Fair ‘ARTEANDO 2012’ in Spain.


★2011/Dec - Art Web Magazine 'The New York Optimist' (NYC, USA)
★2012/Jul - FICOBA Blog (Spain)
★2012/Nov - Life Style Web Magazine 'We Peace It' (Poland)
★2012/Nov – Released my products on Zazzle (San Francisco, USA)
★2013/Mar - See.Me 'The Selected' (NYC, USA)
★2013/Aug - Fashion Web Magazine 'VOGUE ITALIA (Photo Vogue)' Debut (Italy)
★2013/Sep - Art Web/Printed Monthly Magazine 'The Arte Fotografica International Magazine' (Portugal)
★2014/Jan - My works appear in the PhotoVogue Collection at Art +Commerce (NY, a biggest agent in worldwide) on Jan-2014 

My Portfolio in PhotoVogue; 

Art + Commerce: PhotoVogue Collection - photos by Osamu Jinguji

→→→As I have already registered as a contributer for the PhotoVogue Collection at Art + Commerce in Oct-2013, my work will become available to editors, creative directors, designers, agents and other esteemed professionals throughout the publishing and creative industries worldwide. Clients of Art + Commerce, including magazines, book publishers and web sites, will be able to purchase my photographs for one-time editorial use, from the end of January, 2014. 

★2014/Mar - Featured on Ozarts Etc (a French online magazine dedicated to Art and Culture)
Article→Read the post in english:
Ozarts Etc→
★2014/Apr - My portfolio was published on ND Magazine (Neutral Density Magazine Net on worldwide photography in UK)
★2014/Jul - My portfolio was published on Cámara Magazine (An on-line magazine on worldwide photography in Spain, España)
★2014/Jul - My works were featured with my interview on The Forum (an interactive and scannable magazine in print an digital edition for anyone whose into fashion, art, music, street- and pop culture, located at Stockholm of SWEDEN, London and New York)
★2014/Aug - My works were featured as a photo essay on Life Force Magazine (UK, The magazine of the art-form of the photo-essay)
★2014/Sep - The story "A modest resistance in flux of space-time by Osamu Jinguji" was published by Rinse (Taipei, Taiwan)
★2014/Oct – Interview by Rinse “Embrace the “Boarder-less” in B/W Street Photography” on Medium (San Francisco, USA)
★2014/Dec – Featured on Flickr of Redwood Media Group (Hinckley OH, USA)
★2015/Feb – Featured on Dodho Magazine (Barcelona, Spain)
★2015/Feb – Featured on PRIVATE Magazine (France)
★2015/Mar – Released on Saatchi Art (Los Angeles, USA)
★2015/Mar – Released on through @Gallery TAGBOAT (Japan)
Gallery TAGBOAT (English Site) →
Amazon JP →
★2015/Apr – Featured on SHOOT ME Magazine Issue#26 | Apr_015 (Athens, Greece)
In Website→
★2015/Apr – Selected in Group Exhibition on F-Stop Magazine's Spring/New Beginnings Issue #70 April - May 2015 (Chicago, USA)
★2015/Apr – Featured on of Lion Group (Taipei, Taiwan)
★2015/Apr – Featured on PChome Online Inc. (Taiwan)
★2015/Apr – Featured on SINA com (China - Taipei/Beijing/Hong Kong/USA)
★2015/Apr – Featured on HiNet News Network (China)
★2015/May – Featured on MonoVisions, Black & White Photography Magazine (UK)
★2015/May – Released for sale on Artfinder (London, New York)
★2015/Jun – Debuted on GOMMA (UK) - THE PHOTOGRAPHERS HUB SINCE 2004.
★2015/Sep – Debuted on ArtSlant's Profile (Worldwide)
★2015/Oct – "Artists' Directory" on Aesthetica Magazine - Issue 67 October/November 2015 (York, UK)
★2015/Oct – Started print sales of my portfolio on (Sweden)
★2015/Oct – Released my products on Society6 (Los Angeles, USA)
★2015/Oct – Released my products on Curioos (New York/Paris)
★2015/Oct – Featured on lamono, an art and urban culture magazine (Barcelona, Spain)
★2015/Oct – My Invite-Only Portfolio by LensCulture opened on Oct-25. 
★2015/Oct – Released my products on Art Throng (Mumbai, India)
★2015/Nov – Featured on Parallel Planets: Counterparts & Coexistence of Worlds in Between (Philippines) on Medium
★2015/Nov – Chosen by Dodho Magazine (Barcelona, Spain) to "5 TALENTED JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS".
★2015/Nov – Selected for "21st Century Street Photography: 250 New Examples" by Jim Casper, LensCulture (Paris, France)
★2015/Dec – "Photographers' Directory" on Aesthetica Magazine - Issue 68 December/January 2016 (UK)
★2016/Jan – "Interview With Photographer Osamu Jinguji" published on Aesthetica Magazine's online (York, UK)
★2016/Mar – "The Beauty of Humanity Collection" hardcover book featuring my work (P80/98) that had been displayed at SCOPE Art Show 2015 (including their final exhibition "Art Takes Miami" exhibited by See Me members) was published on Issuu on Mar-11.
★2016/Oct – A Photographer's Guide Book in Japan "ProCameraman's File 2017" The cutting-edge works of all-round categories: Models, Nude, Landscape / Nature, Free Theme, Movie by 140 photographers and over 600 images!! (My profile and works: p236 & p237 of total 308 pages)
★2016/Dec – STRKNG Editors’ Selection - #2 (my work on P104-105/209)  Published on Dec 21, 2016 on issuu  
★2016/Dec – Popular Photo (PP) Magazine / Khulna, India. A place for creative photographers around the world to share their endless imagination in creative categories of photography. Featured in "New collection of Top Photos Of Our Popular photo Photography Group" on Dec 26, 2016.
★2017/Jan – Featured on BurstOut Magazine (London, England) 
★2017/Jan – Niebra eternal (Betanzos, Spain) A blog spot by Raquel Vázquez
★2017/Jan – "ProCameraman FILE 2017" Web Version: Creator''s Link of Photographers was published by Japan Creators (Tokyo, Japan)
★2017/Feb – Featured on FlashMode Arabia (Headquarters: Ariana,Tunisia), who is a fashion and lifestyle magazine, reaching out the higher soceity covering a range of top-class events taking place in the world.
★2017/Mar – Press Release, Poster, Flyer and Video of “ArtExpo Rome March 2017” by ARTISTS IN THE WORLD (Rome, Italy).
★2017/Mar – Featured on CNU视觉联盟( Committed to the dissemination of outstanding visual culture, visual arts research, exchange of visual ideas, pioneering public aesthetic vision of professional visual website in China.
★2017/Mar – 全影网 ·中国人像摄影学会诚信合作媒体 China Photo Society of integrity cooperation media / China. Featured on Mar 10, 2017.


[My Overseas Exhibition Schedule 2013/2014/2015]


★Mar - International Art Fair "SCOPE Art Show" (NYC, USA)

★Apr & Jun- Kunstwerk Winkler Gallery Exhibition (Berlin, Germany) 
May - Art Fusion: Japanese Contemporary Pioneers 2013 (NYC, USA)
★Jun - See.Me "Creatives Rising"// 
Big Screen Plaza Premiere (NYC, USA)

★Jul - See.Me “EXPOSURE 2013" Exhibition (NYC, USA)

★Sep– International Art Fair :BERLINER LISTE 2013 (Berlin, Germany)

★Oct - See.Me "Creatives Rising" Exhibition (NYC, USA)

★Nov - See.Me "Art Takes PARIS" Exhibition (Paris, France)

★Dec - See.Me "Art Takes MIAMI - Group Show at SCOPE Miami Beach" Exhibition (USA, Miami)

★Mar - Berlin-Steglitz Exhibition Mar-2014 (Germany)

★Mar - "Year in Review 2013" The Digital Group Show by See/Me (NY, USA)

★May – ARTconcept DEN New Opening Exhibition "Made in Japan" (Berlin, Germany)

★May-1'14~Apr-30'15 (for 1 year!!) – ARTconcept DEN paper art collection '14 (Berlin, Germany) 

★Jul-25'14~Jul-31'15 (for 1 year!!) – Cavalieri Hotel Gallery Exhibition (Malta, the Mediterranean) 

★Dec 3 to 7 – SPECTRUM Miami Art Show 2014 (Miami, USA) 


★Jan~Nov-30 (Extended) – ARTconcept DEN "Paper Art Collection" (Berlin, Germany)
★Jan~Jul-31 (→Extended until 2016 - Month: TBD)– Cavalieri Hotel Gallery Exhibition (Malta, the Mediterranean)
★Jan-24./25. – "Japan Festival Berlin 2015" (Urania, Germany) 

★Dec 1 to 6 - See.Me "The Final Exhibition: Art & Photography Takes Miami" at SCOPE Miami Beach 2015 (USA, Miami)

>>>NEW UPDATE 2015
★Jan-21, I’ve also accepted an invitation to join the Echiquier International Collective of Photographers,
who are planning exhibitions in France and Romania in 2015 (Jul/Aug/Sep).

★ECHIQUIER's Exhibitions 2015 [Update: Feb-15-2015]   

Check details on LinkedIn → 

1. Villefranche Rouergue ( France ) 12-26 July 2015 (OJ: Not participated in this)
2. Constanta (Romania) 10-31 July 2015 (OJ: Plan on attending. Not decided yet)
3. Valbonne (France) 14-20 September 2015 (OJ: Maybe join)

★Jan~Jul-31 (→Extended until Dec-31) – Cavalieri Hotel Gallery Exhibition (Malta, the Mediterranean)
Check on ArtSlant→

★Jan-1st (→the end of this exhibits: TBD) – Cavalieri Hotel Gallery Exhibition (Malta, the Mediterranean)
Check on ArtconnectBerlin→
★Mar 18 to 31 - "ArtExpo Rome March 2017" at Domus Romana Art Gallery (Rome, Italy)
★May 5 to 27 – "International Photography Collaboration Project" at Solas Art Gallery in Leitrim of Ireland as a member of Echiquier (France)
★Jul 9 to 23 - "The second International Biennial of Photography 2017" at Saint Augustin Church (Paris, France) as a member of Echiquier

★★The new issue #59 of Arte Fotografica International (Portugal/Lisbon) has just been launched on Aug-31-2013. You can find it in following this link and check out my part of p34 to p45 (total 12 pages):
>>>Special features of 6 international artists on AFI #59 : 
Þorsteinn H. Ingibergsson/Osamu Jinguji/Raeffele Montepaone

/Jaya Suberg/Pimpin Nagawan/Sandra Sachsenhauser

2. Artist Statement

2-1. My current photo art style can be strictly defined as ‘BORDERLESS (No Border)’ a word which encapsulates the following 7 concepts:


1. A renaissance of the soul

2. Symbiosis with all this world’s phenomena

3. The eternal conflict with time and space in the universe

4. Beat myself, beat my core and beat my existence

5. Resistance against all invisible pressures

6. Warning against the hegemony of civilization, science and fashion

7. One love in Chaos

2-2.A short tale about my photoart activities

To put it succinctly, my work is not the result of simply TAKING A PHOTO.


 - It is to EXCISE a precisecross-section of all times, spaces and emotions flowing in parallel with the other worlds on a subconscious level.


- It is to completely REPRODUCE a part ofmy intrinsic poetry, as a lost piece of my puzzle, imparting a transmission of my life philosophy.


- With each photo comes a REBIRTH of my soul as another piece of MYSELF and a REMINDER of my MEMORIES beyond a time and space, which would otherwise be forever lost in the many stories of my short life and its endless cycles.


Additionally, the subjects of my photographs, especially regarding my current and future worlds revolving in B&W, do not merely suggest that which is VISIBLE, but as much carry with them aspects of the INVISIBLE. This tension between that which is seen, and that which is unseen suggests the INFINITE that I try to capture with my photography.


 Of course, no one has the power to confer immortality. However, only every minds and souls are surely deferent from them at that point.  Therefore, every soul’s energy oscillates unto INFINITY. One well understood aspect of the eternal nature of the soul is that of artistic expression. This is the real power of ART: to crystallize the ultimately impermanent nature of the artist’s soul into something that can reach toward the infinite.


 Thus, each powerful creative expression can reach beyond the physical, and build upon other such unexpected phenomena. Such phenomena, linking disparate places in time and space, and other important ELEMENTS like mankind, are like tiny bubbles drifting across our ephemeral nature on this planet, situated as it is in the long, long, long time and history of the UNIVERSE.


 Whoever can feel it at the UNCONSCIOUS level in their day-to-day life, will be able to step beyond the BORDERS to tap into their most primitive and wildest senses, step by step, more and more, with increasing accuracy.


 This is how I believe things to be, at least, as long as I remain in this world. 



By Osamu Jinguji, 29th-Sep-2012 

2-3. Appendix/References
© Osamu Jinguji Photography / Official ‘CORE/NEST/BASE’ Website for Japanese
☆Thinking Eyeball (Blog on Tumblr):
☆Facebook Fan Page ‘Mirror of Silence - Osamu Jinguji Photography and Creations’ :
☆The B&W in Resistance / :
☆The Wheel of Time (Another Personal Gallery) :
☆Pinterest :
☆A Chain of Soul / as Another Showcase on Tumblr :
☆ :
☆VOGUE (Italy) / My portfolio on PhotoVogue

Osamu Jinguji on 'Members Site' of TEREDA Project in Germany. 

Gallery DEN (ARTconcept DEN, Germany, RIN TERADA)