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Osamu JingujiJapan10000pJoined 2013
“EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX AND NOTHING IS PERMANENT. NO ONE CAN STOP THE FLOW OF TIME. SO, THE ACT OF ME TAKING PICTURES IN AN INSTANT IS A MODEST RESISTANCE OF JUST THAT.” (by OSAMU JINGUJI)   Photo Artist/Creator in Japan, Photography Contributor for Art+Commerce/VOGUE (New York, PhotoVogue Collection), Independent Artist    Osamu Jinguji was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1962. Now, he is a photo artist and a creator but his first career as an artist is an actor and a model. After their activities for 5 years, he has retired owing to bad health. Additionally, after taking over 25 years of twists and turns, he had made a decision to live as an artist again and finally selected to become a photographer which he liked the best of ever and fit his current life style very much. His current career by them has re-started since his first poetry-photo book has been published in 2009. After that, he has been ever participating in a lot of group exhibitions, art fairs in New York (ex; SCOPE), in Miami (ex; SPECTRUM), in Spain (ex; ARTEANDO) and in Germany (ex; BERLINERLISTE), etc. Also, his works, which were specialized in black and white on/off the street, for the last several years and at many countries, have been featured on a variety of Art Web Magazines including 'The Arte Fotografica' (Portugal) and so on. In February of 2014, they have finally appeared in the PhotoVogue Collection (A collaboration w/ VOGUE Italia) at Art+Commerce in New York. ”His use of black and white allows him to explore echoes of past selves, the world of the unconscious and his own aesthetics and philosophy.” (By "Aesthetica Magazine")   Osamu Jinguji’s current photo art style can be strictly defined as ‘BORDERLESS (No Border)’ a word which encapsulates the following 7 concepts: 1. A renaissance of the soul/2. Symbiosis with all this world’s phenomena/3. The eternal conflict with time and space in the universe/4. Beat myself, beat my core and beat my existence/5. Resistance against all invisible pressures/6. Warning against the hegemony of civilization, science and fashion/7. One love in ChaosSpecialization: Black and White, Street, Abstract, City Life, Architecture, Conceptual, Portrait, Doll, Performer, Live & Stage, etc.Art + Commerce: PhotoVogue Collection - photos by Osamu Jinguji     [EXHIBITIONS (OVERSEAS) - 2012~2019] 2019-01 "Works in Residence" International Art Exhibition at RossoCinabro Gallery (Rome, Italy) Exhibits Name: “The Narrative Panorama” (03 to 31-Dec-2018→Extended to 10th-2019, Rome) -02 "Parallax Art Fair London" at the Chelsea Town Hall in London (UK)   2018-01 “ArtExpo Winter Rome 2018”at Domus Romana Art Gallery in Rome, Italy-01 to -12 "Works in Residence" International Art Exhibitions at RossoCinabro Gallery (Rome, Italy)Exhibits Name: "Co-Existence" (Double Exhibits→3 to 16-Feb: Elsa Morante Library of Rome, 3 to 28-Feb: Stazione di Milano Cadorna), “Moving Ideas” (19-Mar to 07-Apr: Rome), "Co-Existence 3" (21 to 28-Apr, Rome), "Chelsea Art" (10 to 15-May, New York), “Diversity Contemporary” (21 to 31-May: Rome), "Working, Thinking, Seeing" (15 to 30-Jun: Rome), Co-Existence 4" (07 to 13-Jul, Rome), "Working, Thinking, Seeing" (15 to 31-Aug, Rome), "Cultural Differences" (17-Sep to 5-Oct, Rome), "Nessun tema ovvio unificante (No obvious unifying theme)" (13 to 19-Oct, Rome), "Residenti (Residents)" (22 to 31-Oct, Rome), "Co-Existence 5" (19 to 30-Nov, Rome), “The Narrative Panorama” (14 to 31-Dec, Rome)-05 to -06 “Exposition internationale de photographies et de sculptures” in Lectoure (Gers, in the South-West of France) by Echiquier International Collective of photographers (Head Office: Paris, France) -06 to -09 “HUMAN RIGHTS? #EDU” International Exhibition of Contemporary Art at Fondazione Opera Campana (Rovereto, Italy), organized by AIAPI – NATIONAL COMMITTEE of IAA/AIAP UNESCO Official Partner -07 "Parallax Art Fair London" at the prestigious Kensington Town Hall in London (UK) -09 "Exposition d'art" at the Salle D’Ormesson in Marignane (France) by Collectif Echiquier -10 "Exposition d'art" at the Salle Saint-Esprit in Valbonne (France) by Collectif Echiquier -10 "Parallax Art Fair London" at the Chelsea Town Hall in London (UK) 2017-01 to -05 “Malta Exhibition” Cavalieri Hotel, Malta, the Mediterranean, from Jan-1st -03 “ArtExpo Rome March 2017” International art exhibition of “ARTISTS IN THE WORLD” in Rome, Italy-05 “Wild Open Eye” International Photography Collaboration Project at Solas Art Gallery (Leitrim, Ireland) as a community member of Echiquier International Collective of Photographers (Head Office: France)-05 “Art in Lisbon” International art exhibition produced by “ARTISTS IN THE WORLD” (Rome, Italy) at Atelier Natalia Gromicho Art Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal-05 to -06 “artem” by Jelmoni Studio Gallery at Oratorio Della Passione in Milan, Italy-06 “ArtExpo Rome Summer 2017” International art exhibition of “ARTISTS IN THE WORLD” in Rome, Italy-07 “Biennial 2017” the second International Biennial event of Photography at St Augustin Church inParis, as a community member of Echiquier International Collective of Photographers (Head Office: France)-08 to -10 "Works in Residence" International Art Exhibition at RossoCinabro gallery (Rome, Italy), Exhibits Name: Aug - "August Contemporary" (21 to 28-Aug), Sep - "September Contemporary" (04 to 30-Sep), Oct - XIII Day of Contemporary AMACI "Artworks Connections" (14 to 31-Oct) -10 "Future World Art Festival" at Domus Romana Art Gallery (Rome, Italy)-11 to -12 "Works in Residence" International Art Exhibition at RossoCinabro gallery (Rome, Italy), Exhibits Name: "The Originals" (6 to 18-Nov, New York), “The Originals” (13 to 31-Dec, Rome) 2016 -01 to -12 “Malta Exhibition” Cavalieri Hotel, Malta, the Mediterranean 2015 -01 to -11 “Paper Art Collection” ARTconcept DEN, Berlin, Germany-01 to -12 “Malta Exhibition” Cavalieri Hotel, Malta, the Mediterranean-01 “Japan Festival 2015 in Berlin", Urania, Germany -12 “Art Takes Miami” The Final SeeMe Exhibition at SCOPE Miami Beach 2015 (USA, Miami) 2014 -03 “Berlin Meat Tokyo” Berlin-Steglitz Exhibition, Berlin, Germany -03 “Year in Review 2013” The Digital Group Show by See/Me, NY, USA -05 “Made in Japan” Gallery “ARTconcept DEN” New Opening Exhibition, Berlin, Germany -05 to -04’15 “Paper Art Collection” ARTconcept DEN, Berlin, Germany-07 to -12 “Malta Exhibition” Cavalieri Hotel, Malta, the Mediterranean-12 “SPECTRUM Miami Art Show 2014”, Miami, USA 2013-03 “SCOPE Art Show” The International Art Fair, NYC, USA -04 “Kunstwerk Winkler Gallery Exhibition”, Berlin, Germany -05 “Art Fusion: Japanese Contemporary Pioneers 2013”, NYC, USA -06 “Kunstwerk Winkler Gallery Exhibition”, Berlin, Germany -06 “Creatives Rising” See.Me at Big Screen Plaza Premiere, NYC, USA -07 “EXPOSURE 2013” See.Me Exhibition, NYC, USA -09 “BERLINER LISTE 2013” The International Art Fair, Berlin, Germany -10 “Creatives Rising” See.Me Exhibition, NYC, USA -11 “Art Takes PARIS” See.Me Exhibition, Paris, France -12 “Art Takes MIAMI at SCOPE Miami Beach" See.Me Exhibition, USA, Miami 2012 -07 “ARTEANDO 2012” The International Contemporary Art Fair, Spain[MEDIA EXPOSURES (OVERSEAS) - 2011~2018]   2018-02 “Nellanotizia”, Italy. My works were featured as a part of the International Artists Group Show “Co-Existence” at Elsa Morant Library of Rome by RossoCinabro Gallery.-03 "Ulule", Paris, France. My work have been introduced as an image on a crowdfunding project page for Production of an exhibition catalog of Echiquier's exhibition in May. -05 – "STRiKiNG" Online Magazine / Publication (Köln, Germany), Featured on  STRKNG Editors’ Selection - #22 (100 striking images · 2017-05-14 - 2017-06-18)   -07 “ART WEEK”, Italy for London, New York and Berlin. My works were featured as a part of the International Artists Group Show “Co-Existence 4” at RossoCinabro Gallery. -10 "Rome Art Week program 2018" (Italy) My art works presented by RossoCinabro Gallery is also Included in this program. -12 “BURN OUT – International Artists Projects” (Freiburg, Switzerland) My art work was selected by Collectif “BURN OUT”. This project was featured in WACOM Gallery.2017-01 “BurstOut Magazine”, a featured article & photos, London, England-01 “Niebra eternal” by Raquel Vázquez, Betanzos, Spain-01 “Japan Creators”, a photographer’s link of “ProCameraman File 2017” published by Colors, Tokyo, Japan-02 “FlashMode Arabia”, a featured article & photos, Ariana, Tunisia-03 “Artists in the World”, Press Release, Poster, Flyer and Video of “ArtExpo Rome March 2017”, Italy-03 “” CNU Vision Alliance in China, a featured article & photos-03 “” China Photo Society of Integrity Cooperation Media, my works appreciation and article, China-03 “XSEE Corporation” Great Visual Image in China, a featured article & photos-05 “Leitrim Observer (Newspaper)” A report of ‘Wide Open eyes’ photo exhibition in Solas Gallery, Ballinamore, Leitrim, Ireland-05 “Incirclarte” An article of “Art in Lisbon 2017” with my work, Bari, Italy-06 “STRKNG”, a feature in the STRKNG “Editors’ Selection”, Cologne, Germany -08 "RossoCinabro Gallery" Rome, Italy. My works and introductions have been opened on their webpages on 3-Aug, 2017. -09 "RomArt Guide" Rome, Italy. My works were featured as a part of the International Artists Group Show Images "September Contemporary" at RossoCinabro Gallery. -10 "" Padova, Italy. My work was featured a part of the International Artists Group Show Images "Artworks Connections" at RossoCinabro Gallery.   2016-01 “Aesthetica Magazine”, York, UK -03 “The Beauty of Humanity Collection” by See.Me members, New York, USA -10 “ ProCameraman's File 2017 ” (By Colors: Tokyo, Japan) / A Photographer's Guide Book in Japan. 2015-02 “Dodho Magazine”, Barcelona, Spain -02 “PRIVATE Magazine”, France -04 “SHOOT ME Magazine”, Athens, Greece-04 “F-Stop Magazine” Spring/New Beginnings Issue #70 April – May 2015, Chicago, USA -04 “” of Lion Group and “PChome Online Inc.”, Taipei, Taiwan “SINA com” and “HiNet News Network”, a featured article, China -05 “MonoVisions”, UK -10 “Aesthetica Magazine” Issue 67 October/November 2015, -10 “Artists’ Directory”, York, UK -10 “lamono magazine”, Barcelona, Spain -10 “LensCulture”, Paris, France -11 “Parallel Planets”, Philippines -11 “Dodho Magazine”, Chosen by them to “5 Talented Japanese Photographers”, Barcelona, Spain -11 "21st Century Street Photography" Selected and featured by Jim Casper of LensCulture, Paris, France -12 “Aesthetica Magazine” Issue 68 December/January 2016, “Photographers’ Directory”, York, UK 2014 -03 “Ozarts Etc”, France -07 “Cámara Magazine”, Spain -07 “The Forumist”, Stockholm, Sweden -08 “Life Force Magazine”, UK -09 “Rinse”, Taipei, Taiwan -10 “Medium”, San Francisco, USA -12 “Redwood Media Group”, Hinckley OH, USA 2013 -03 “See.Me - The Selected”, NYC, USA -09 “The Arte Fotografica International Magazine”, Lisbon, Portugal 2012-07 “FICOBA Blog”, a part of featured participants “ARTEANDO 2012”, Spain -11 “We Peace It”, Poland 2011 -12 “The New York Optimist”, NY, USA [RELEASED ONLINE STORES / Site for Image Editorial Use (Overseas/Japan) ]2015 -03 “Saatchi Art”, Los Angeles, USA -03 “”, Tokyo, Japan -05* “Artfinder”, London, UK (*until May-2017)-10 “”, Sweden -10 Society6”, Los Angeles, USA -10* “Art Throng”, Mumbai, India (*until Jan-2017)2014 -01 “PhotoVogue Collection” a collaboration of Art+Commerce/VOGUE Italia, New York, USA 2013-06 “hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO”, Tokyo, Japan (*until Jan-2014)2012 -09 “@Gallery TAGBOAT”, Tokyo, Japan (*until Sep-2013)-11 “Zazzle” as a store name “OneTimeFirefly”, San Francisco, USA PUBLICATIONS (Japan) 2009 / Sep-20 A Poetry-Photo Book “Sujiganeiri-no-shonen”, Gentosha Renaissance, Tokyo, Japan[PUBLICATIONS (Japan)]2016-10 A Photographer's Guide Book “ ProCameraman's File 2017 ” (Publisher: Colors, Tokyo) 2009-09 A Poetry-Photo Book “Sujiganeiri-no-shonen” (Publisher: Gentosha Renaissance, Tokyo)