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Max ZimmerLuxembourgPRO36094pJoined 2013
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Piet Flour  PRO
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
Not so long ago I found your first bird images on 1X and said "WAW" Since, Max, you kept amazing us with always new wonderful shots, all in very high quality standards, and all with a wonderful sense of aesthetic and perfect finishing. So the only thing I can say is keep on making us long for the next surprise, and keep on showing the fine images from nature .
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
Max Zimmer's has an excellent knowledge & experience about moment capturing which is essential for Bird photography. His arrangements are highly appreciable like frame and lights . Best of luck ....MAX !!
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
Max has a wonderful collection of bird photographs. He especially has the skill to present small birds in a way that draws the attention to their features and behaviour that are not so often the subject of photography.
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
I'm please to endorse Max as a nature photograph.
Max produces beautiful birds actions scenes.
With his photos of flying birds catching a bug or an heron fishing with success, Max show us how much he knows their behavior, how much time he has to wait for it;
More than this he gives us beautiful images with superb lights. Regards.
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
Max has a sense to show us the incredible beauty of Nature. Max's portfolio is plenty of marvellous birds photos. His photos are very aesthetic and shot in the right moments, always attaining very high quality standards.
For all written above I can only recommend his amazing work.
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
Max is a great bird photographer. His images show subjects in a decisive moment which creates impact and a connection with viewers. I also appreciate the low point of view that he captures his wading bird images at. This low angle establishes an intimate connection with the subject and makes his images highly appealing. I look forward to seeing more of his work on 1x.
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
I want to take this opportunity to endorse Max for his outstanding skills in nature photography. The birds that I see in his images are so alive, moments that he manages to capture are unique. Very well done and I will be looking forward to seeing more pictures from you. Best of luck! Nik.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I give Max my endorsement for his skills as a photographer, who has a high level of maturity for nature photography, in particular the photography of birds in the wild. In Max's images, you don't want to be at the receiving end of the beak, for the most part! He shows great skill in taking his photographs during the hunt for insects, fish and has a great sense for composition. I am looking out for more of his beautiful photographs in his area of particular interest!