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Marc ApersModeratorBelgiumCREW636517pJoined 2010
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Piet Flour  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
wel, most of the time marc is not really a talker needing a lot of conversation. But I guess he is the man putting all his emotions in is images, and this , he does in an impressive way. although he walks a lot of themes, and also some color photography .. still I think i do no injustice in having the perception his emotions come through in the deepest way in his perfectly handled BW outdoor portraits. Without much staging he succeeds very well to capture soul and emotions of people he encounters while discovering the world.
Keep on sharing your vision Marc,
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Marc is a fine photographer ,though most of his works are street ,but he is very good at other fields of photography too .his work is very fine where he cares about every technical and aesthetic aspect of his images ,and he tries all the time to capture those rare minutes he saw in the street ,and convey them to the viewers very honestly .My sincere appreciation to his works.
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
Technical skills of Marc are obvious, but his photos also have so called soul, which makes them outstanding. What really counts in any art ? ... IT is the the general impression , which it gives.The impression, which starts a dialog with us, which provokes thoughts or makes us feel good or moved, or inspired. Whatever it is - it stops us for a while. For me - this is the greatest value and images by Marc have it.