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Jerry BerryUnited StatesPRO158161pJoined 2007

I suspect that my experience of finding passion in photography was similar to most, using the camera to capture a moment in time. 

We click away at anything and everything to see what might play out in the final image. We read and we study other images. We try to emulate or duplicate work that more accomplished and seasoned photographers have created.  We attempt to master the capture of an image and perfect the craft of making as perfect a print as is possible. At some point in time we ask ourselves the question, "Do I have a personal style that separates me from the rest, or am I just going through the motions of perfecting the technical side?"  In order to answer that question for myself, I needed to explore my influences.

When I was young I was always drawn to the section in HighLife magazine that had hidden images on the page. I was also intrigued by the section in Games magazine that showed photographs of objects, mostly macro images, asking the readers to identify them. Later, the work of Bev Doolittle appealed to me. She is the artist that has hidden images in her paintings. So it seems that illusion has a significant influence in my vision as a photographer. What one initially sees is often not the whole story. It is that kind of layered story that I aim to tell with much of my work. 

  Releasing the shutter is only one step of my process when creating an image, and often, is not the primary step. The click of the camera is generally preceded by pre-visualization, setting the stage, and sometimes even a bit of luck. I then use post processing tools and my intuition to create my final image in which reality often times does not play a lead role. 

  As I continue to create images using the tools I have, my photography will, no doubt, have variety. But what is certain to show in many of my images, will be a signature twist or "style" that is my own. It is not necessarily a style that I have consciously pursued, but one that has developed over the years of creating images that move me. 

  With that in mind, I hope that some of my images find their way into your memory as well.