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Jeroen van de WielNetherlandsPRO1006514pJoined 2010
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Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
I´d like to endorse Jeroen for his fabulous skills in Architecture photography. He has a fabulous eye for lines, shapes and colours of buildings. His composition of parts of buildings is unique for his style that turn his shots into a piece of art.
Thank you very much for sharing your work, Jeroen ;)
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Jeroen is a highly skilled architecture photographer and a master in minimalism. In my opinion, his experience with graphic design is strongly reflected in his photography. He will always search for the not-so-obvious angle, and sets himself a high standard in post processing and finishing. Besides that, Jeroen is a very nice guy to go out shooting with!
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
All images tell of a very empathic feeling with the aesthetical expression of lines and planes, swings and rhythms, as well as dark and bright and color. These graphically perfect structures reach in subtle ways the spirits of the viewer.
Endorsing for skills in Everyday photography
Jeroen has great skill in working with both the black and white photography and color. His color photographs are vibrant, impact, full of lines that make light-filled spaces. The black and white is classic but with modern concepts and suggestions. A complete photographer.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
I would like to endorse Jeroen as a great photographer. Jeroen is an excellent architectural photographer. In the gallery of Jeroen, you can admire the beauty of the architecture and the multiple construction. His photographs are done with much precision. The colors, the compositions of the scenes are rich and very well chosen. Good luck.
Theo Luycx  CREW
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Jeroen is a talented photographer of architecture and abstract photographs. His photographs are always very special. The characteristics of his photographs are, minimalism, low key, soft white and very fine and mostly soft and well chosen colours. His photographs have a special look which I appreciate and I hope to see much more of his fine photographs.