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Jef Van den HouteHead curatorBelgiumCREW517083pJoined 2007
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Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Jef is a brilliant architecture photographer what an incredible eye for lines, angles and shapes. With his camera he can turn any structure into a piece of art by finding the perfect viewpoint that makes the viewer see, what might be a well known land mark, in a completely different way. This is what art is about. Jef is a very friendly and easy going person and part of the core team of official curators at 1x. He has been a curator for many years and spent a great deal of time and efforts assuring a very high quality of selections and to make this a great community.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Jef his architecture picture surprises by the composition and perfect toning.
It must not be easy to make the difference, in a theme who is already much photographed. Jef make the difference, by uploading a selection only his best pictures. Jef is also very committed many years to 1x, as curator, which he does honestly and is open for many styles, which is a gift.
Piet Flour  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
well … Jef is worth learning to know better.
In his very discrete and minimal feedback on images he looks like a rigid silent nature, but when you meet him in real life he is so much caring about sensitivity, close encounter, exchange of feelings and ideas, a very warm an caring nature.
We will not see him very active as participant in forums, but despite his discretion he is always ready to do everything in is possibility to help with information, advice, and experience.
In his image I really appreciate the search of perfection in all aspects. We'll probably never seen a non-finite image from Jef's oeuvre ? Although he shows mostly architectural imagery focussing on perfect light, framing, and graphism … some searching made me find out he also shoots many other subjects, and also with the same care of perfect perspective and framing, vision, and finishing.
Christoph Hessel  Unlimited
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Jef is one of the artists who can succeed to convoke and convey his genre of photography, the architecture, to others. I am an architectural ignorer usually as moody washed out, dark blurred images are what i like.
It was Jef, who began to show me the beautiful side of this genre. Therefor I thank you Jef, And for the great and time intense job you do for this site. 1x is coined by you, you are one of the most important members here.
Best wishes Christoph
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Why do I endorse Jef ? I had the opportunity to met him several times. The first time was as a new member and shortly after the big changes on 1X last year.
I just started to feel home and it was very confusing to me. Jef helped me to look forward in the future, praising the changes.
I also admire his work, especially his architectural visions.
I appreciate Jef for his skills as a curator, as a photographer, as a very kind, sincere and objective person.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Jef is always a great source of inspiration to me and many other photographers, especially with his ability to show us that there is always another way of looking at a subject. We all see the world in our own way, but Jef takes that to another level, and shows us that what may appear to be dull and or ordinary, can be photographed (in Jef's special way) to shine and stand out like a beautiful diamond. I LOVE his work, and his humility, and appreciate his support and advice.Thank you Jef.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
I have never been a good student in mathematics and geometry. I always preferred poetry ...
But if I saw your pictures , I would have been inspired .

You're a photographer of architecture that honors architects, there is a great reflection around buildings .
Perspective , distortion, lines, shapes, exposure and light metering . Everything is very complex.
It is many hours and days of work. I am impressed by the work and happy to discover this art of architectural photography that you serve with great passion and great respect.

Thank you for sharing with us your fabulous work Jef.
When I walk , I don't see buildings as before and this is really fascinating.

With all my respect
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Enjoying and studying Jeff's architecture photos is an exciting experience. He always finds an interesting point of view, uses the available light to shape interesting forms and this chances very concrete buildings into realistic abstracts.
Hope to see many more of your beauties, Jef!
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
I know the work of Jef long time and I can say without any doubt that his images of architecture are absolutely fantastic. All subjects he photographed are exploited to the maximum, thanks to a great technique and an edition of B & W absolutely super. Excellent control of lights and shadows. In short, a great, great photographer!
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Really I have been inspired by this man a lot , he can artistically transform the geometric lifeless shape into a living breathing object ... his sensibility to shapes and lines are remarkable , working perfect either it is coloured version or monochrome ... his simple comments on the images which usually few English words striking the heart of the photograph ... lately he surprised me by wonderful tender street photography images ... was a great chance to get up to your art Mr. Jef
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Greetings Mr. Jef
Supporting skills for Abstract Architectural Photography! Here you can find distinctive geometric shapes as well as the cool color that defines your work! Black and white architecture is really inspiring ... we look at your work and learn from it. Follow the lines and shapes really distinctive! I love your work very much Professor and Inspirational Mr. Jef
..... I wish you all the best