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James K. PappUnited States MOIPRO89511pJoined 2014
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Happy that I can be the first to endorse James and to encourage James for continuing on his road along the delicate and soulful presentation of the wonders of the world around him. His portfolio is rich, yet his style is so clear that he transforms all appearances around into a special world. I have had a hard time to decide for what of the skills that this endorsement window offers I should select for the James world. There are so many that perfectly fit, or better expressed, that all he masters and unites in them. They transform mood, nature and most the admiration for nature and their touch on our spirits.
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
I am very happy to endorse James. I think that you have a special talent for seeing the unique in your nature photos. The perspectives and lighting are not cliche, and I have enjoyed studying your style - to help me in my own perspectives! Thank you for sharing your photos!