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Giulio Cesare Padelletti AFIAP1126794pJoined 2011
Endorse Giulio
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Paulo Abrantes  Unlimited
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I endorse Giulio as a photographer because his skills and style are really distinctive and great. He shoots analogue and digital with the same expertise and we really can identify his pictures by his style.
On the other hand, he really knows about photography. When reading his reviews we can really learn and understand better what´s going on in that particular picture. His honesty and his "eagle euye" for detail analisys is always a pleasure to me and I think the photographer that receives the critic can really improve the image with his advices.
Because there are only a few that do this job with such a commitment and honesty I think it´s time to give Giulio my respects in an endorsement way. I Hope we can count with your company for a long time here on 1X.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
In reading the reviews of Julius I realize its extreme professionalism in the field of photography. A keen eye for detail and the technical aspect. A clear emotional sensitivity and a good photo gallery make it in my opinion a good photographer. Clear his primary passion for color and nature photographs, scrupulous in composition but most expansive in providing many details and deep reflections on his numerous and valuable works (being Toscano has provided some beautiful scenery), is working with great passion this discipline.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Julius is a photographer who comes from the school of analog photographers.
You can see it in his landscapes rich in color shades and the attention to detail in scatti.Il color is inside him and makes him appreciate to all of us.
Endorsing for skills in Landscape photography
Giulio has a special eye for landscape photography. I was struck by his collection of works shot in Val D'Orcia due to their compositional contents and for the unusual use of color.
Delicate 'waves of land' are punctuated by details (cypress, clouds, chopped trunks) while modern digital techniques - who he can boast a proper use of - adds alien strength to the otherwise clichéd panoramas.
Leafing through Giulio's gallery everyone can get a clear idea of what his personal view of life is like: a leap in the beauty, a constant admiration for everything we can freely share here on our planet, a conspicuous will to contribute to immortalize what can make us feel more comfortable in our - often - sorrowful trip on Earth.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I too met Giulio here on 1X, his friendship was immediately enjoyable.
Looking at his photographs I’m immediately caught by the color that explodes in his tones more vivid, enhanced by refined processing. The landscapes he photographed and interprets become so unique, intense, fantastic.
I think Giulio is a competent photographer and a very sociable and honest person; sometimes he’s funny, and in this world so problematic, a smile always does well. I wait to see his other works…
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Giulio has a wonderful ability to see colour and form in landscapes and present them in an abstract way, without distorting the landscape itself.
He is also extremely generous with his time and gives helpful and instructive comments.
Giulio has helped me immensely with my personal photography journey and I will be for ever grateful to him.
Piera Polo  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I met Giulio Cesare here in 1x and immediately I found his work excellent. I love how he can show us these fantastic landscapes, through other and more modern optic: vivid colors, wonderful compositions and mood that transport us in another dimension. Then I think that he is a very good person and photographer, always giving good advices and supporting with his kind comments. I'm so happy to have known him.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I have met Giulio in the weekly theme. He exuded confidence through his honesty. His comments are sometimes short, but meaningful!.
I endorse Giulio because of his skills as a varied photographer. His Landscapes are outstanding. I particular love his cat photos. Giulio is able to capture a certain mood in his pictures, that holds your attention. His use of color is great. His work is a great addition to many.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Giulio is really good as a photographer as a friend. I know him for ages, first I met him in the PUG, where he shared his amazing landscape shots. He is always kind to the others, helps us with his precious comments to be a better photographer.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I met Giulio and appreciated his shots on 1x; we were immediately agree on important issues, his photograph hides a search of details that I have seen in a few photographers.
Congratulations my friend, greetings, raff
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I met Giulio online on the Pentax User Gallery, his wonderful work caught my eye immediately , the beautiful colours and compositions of his landscapes represent his native country Italy in a wonderful way, His other works are at the same level in photography as his landscapes, Giulio is also a kind, clever man with a great sense of humour and i am happy to know him as a friend.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I came across with Giulio's admirable works first on Pentaxuser and then on PP Gallery web pages. He is an able and experienced photographer who has a very keen eye for light, colour and shapes. Each of his astonishingly beautiful works clearly reveals it. His B&W works are sheer delight.

He likes more to talk and criticize other people's works than talking about his own. He is curt but polite, sincere and truthful in his criticisms. He is a great photographer as well as a great friend.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I first met Giulio as a member of Pentax User, Uk. He is a talented artist with a fine eye for detail, textures and colour harmonies. Giulio has always been kind and helpful in offering constructive critique and observations on my images. He possesses a keen eye which combined with Latin flair creates the visual palette on which to feast