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Ralf StelanderFounderSwedenCREW108450pJoined 2007
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Jacob Jovelou FOUNDER
Endorsing for skills as a curator
In February 2007 I started this site together with Ralf. In the beginning, we did all the curation by ourselves. Ralf set the course for 1x and it has brought us where we are today. A great colleague, friend and curator!
Piet Flour  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I really like the site you created and the way you care about it. There is always a lot of innertia to over win with each change, and so many opinion about what is the best path to follow; it needs looking ahead to stay in head position; people are quickly upset and the waves have to be smoothened. You find the way to cross the dangerous crossings, you find the people needed to help in taking the right decisions; you take the decision when enough is said. Off course not everyone can agree, but the boat has to start sailing when the wind is there. So, keep on improving the site in easy and difficult moments
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I didn't find the right reason to endorse Ralf here above !
Mine should be "For a founder of a fantastic site".
When I joined 1X one year ago, it felt like discovering a fine place to get inspired by high quality photography and also a place with a huge human involvement. Over a very short time, that was confirmed.
The major changes happening on the site shortly after I joined, left me a little bit desorientated, but also gave me a sense of strong commitment from the founders. The constant improvements happening on the site are a proof of their personal engagement.
My admiration goes to Jacob for his tremendous work behind the scenes.
My appreciation goes to Ralf, because of his willingness to work together with all of his members, to help them, to take account of their feedback.
I would like to thank them both for their efforts and great job to preserve the unique character of their site.
1X became home for me and I hope never have to "move" anymore.
Respect and my hat off for both of you.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Only discovered the site a few months ago. Someone on another photography site mentioned 1x to me so of course I had to take a look. Was not long before I was hooked. Every site is unique and navigated in different ways. For the most part, I found 1x easy to understand and particularly easy to upload photographs. Any problems I had I emailed Ralf who was always quick to respond with helpful advice. I took the bull by the horns and even said I would be happy to proof read and must say I am enjoying that very much. Anything I do not understand, Ralf has been more than happy to explain. Having browsed photographs posted by contributors, I have recognized quite a few names, some I know having entered major photographic competitions. I feel honoured that I am in such great company. Only sorry it took me such a long time to find out about 1x!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Thank you for the considerate and warm endorsement Ralf.
This endorsement is for you as a person.
Yes, we have met in London, and we shared that pub meal and English beer (ale?) that you were looking forward to. It was a pleasant evening, and we talked about many things, and I have often wished that you will visit London again, and share with me your and Jacob's vision of 1X, amongst all the other stuff we will talk about.
I have had my reservations about the 1X changes over the past year, and was quite vocal about that, and in the process felt myself drifting away.
However, this endorsement for you is to note that I appreciate and respect that we might have different views, and probably will continue to do so ... however, that you found it in yourself to negotiate that void and endorse me for my photograpy and as a person.
That I very much appreciate and actually find quite humbling, and although I might feel compelled to endorse you 'in return' - it is in fact a pleasure and privilidge to do so.
For - although we might share our differences, I so much respect what you two guys established and maintain, and in how you built that credible vehicle for me to gain confidence in my work (V1 and V2) .... that will be something that I shall treasure and always refer to. It simply was the right thing, at the right time.
I am the user, and you are the owner, and I have no jurisdiction nor power to pave the road. That I have had to constantly remind myself about. I guess it's because 1X became such a lifestyle for me, and that I miss so much. A simple example being the Critique section that was so powerful, serious, and bought you a spot in heaven. For even God would have appreciated the intensity and dedication and unselfish value of that. Now the oodles of new members have lost that 'best' feature of the old system. However, they won't miss it, for they never saw it. I guess it boils down to business sense, and in that department I have always come up short.
But ... that is simply my wish, and maybe a selfish one. Life moves on. My portfolio is here, and will remain and grow here. My level of participation have weaned, but my piccies are here, so I still feel some semblance of ownership:)
Thank you for your unselfish gesture, and I bode you and Jacob well.
Best wishes with your project, and it is about time for you to revisit London again.
I await your call from Heathrow.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I am endorsing Ralf,because of funding this special site, when my first photo has been published in I didn't know how it will be change my photography skills, its amazing, thank you Ralf for designing such a beautiful atmosphere for photographers.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would like to endorse Ralf for his endless effort to establish this site and improve it continuously. I have been a member of 1X for 4 years and always spend my free time in this site to learn from other photographers and their comments.
He is supporting us, listening to our suggestions and always trying to improve the service.

Thank you Ralf for your support.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
thank you "For a founder of a fantastic site", you find the people needed to help in taking the right place, like my self to learn, study and get more friends who teach me about photo.
Thank you again from Indonesia.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Ralf is a person that always hear what You trying to say,always care and help in cases that You don't understand, as a curator always he has big expression of opinion and he always is around .
Thank him for create that site and keep that on Top with a great art quality and message , My Best Regards
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Ralf has developed an outstanding photography site that presents some of the best photography on the internet. The heart of 1x is its curation process and presentation of images that only meet the highest quality standards as determined by real curators. Ralf has chosen not to make 1x a popularity contest which an extremely important feature to distinguish 1x from other photography sites.

Ralf is also excellent at providing support for the site and has always answered all my questions when I emailed support or posted a question in the blog. He is constantly inventing new ideas for the site such as member curation, endorsements, and integrated blogging features. I look forward to seeing what new features will be added to the site. His quality dedication to 1x is unsurpassed and I wish him much future success with 1x.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I want to congratulate you for the fabulous site you create with Jacob.
I have great admiration for your work and that of Jacob, who works behind the scenes.
Having looked around on the internet, today I have no doubt 1x is the best picture website by the high quality of curated images, its international dimension and the good spirit of this community.
Even though I'm only here from a few months, I've seen many changes and I am impressed by your willingness to keep this site at the top level.

I endorse you as a photographer for the website created and for your love of photography which is obvious.

My Best Regards.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I am endorsing Ralf as 'curator' for being one of the founders of this fabulous site. I am still learning photography and the quality of the works gathered on this site provide me with the ambition to become better and learn more. The quality of the works and the varied subject matter provide a constant inspiration and as a site 1x is second to none.
Thank you