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Ralf StelanderFounderSwedenCREW108450pJoined 2007
I'm a photography entusiast from Uppsala, Sweden, who founded 1x in February 2007 together with my friend Jacob. We wanted to create a place with high quality photos only, elegant design and actually useful feedback and critique that would help photographers develop. I believe that anyone can become a great photographer with the right inspiration and feedback and a lot of practise. The vision of 1x is to promote photography as an art form and to make photo art easily available to everyone in the world. I think that art is a basic human need that everyone should have the right to enjoy. The goal of 1x is to collect the best photography in one place so you don't have to look around to find the gems.

Besides being the CEO and community manager of 1x I'm the responisble for making our photos books, both how-to books and coffee table books. So far we have produced 15 books, translated into more than 10 different languages.
I have been doing photography seriously since year 2000 when I was living in Tokyo and I got my first analog SLR. Quite a few of the pictures I have published here are from that time. It was a lot of fun experimenting in the dark room, I miss that sometimes. The possibilites in the dark room are much greater than you can imagine if you have only used digital, but everything takes a lot more time than in the computer. Overall I prefer digital cameras because of their convenience.

Occasionally I do some professional photo jobs, like wedding photography, birthday parties and company dinners. Besides running this community together with Jacob, our excellent curators, moderators, senior critics and book editors, I'm a student of law, which can come in handy sometimes.

My camera equipment consits first of all of my iPhone 6s, which is my most important camera and which you can take quite good pictures with. For serious tasks I rely on the Nikon D600 fullframe SLR.