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Dave NitscheUnited StatesPRO100000pJoined 2008
Ive been shooting conceptual images for about 6 years now and its been a wild ride. My work have been published in over 150 magazines and 3 books worldwide and currently my images are shown in a bunch of galleries around the globe. Its quite an honor to have so much affirmation over something thats so personal to me.

In the end though, theres only the images. I work with both film and digital but all my images are one click of the shutter with minimal work to the negatives. I believe that the process of getting the image is as important as the final product and to get something worth while you have to put the time and sweat into it.

I hope you have as much fun looking at my work as Ive had creating it. Theyre meant to make you think, I hope they do...