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Cool ClicksJoined 2013
Namaste! I am Saroj Pandey from Nepal, beautiful country with Highest place on earth - The Mt. Everest and Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. Though I am a graduate in Computer Science, I find photography a wonderful time which is full of creativity and discovery. I am learning technical aspects of photography so I am just a “Baby Photographer”. I loved to click since my school days when I used to click with my dad’s film based camera but that was just a childish fun. Later on, I experienced a renewed enthusiasm for photography after seeing different creative works of the photographers around the world. Nature, Landscape, Panoramic, Macro,  Long Exposure, Time Lapse are some categories I love. I created this gallery to make this a growing library of photos from different locations to show the creative adventure. … I am not a professional but a lonely traveller with a camera, so I click whatever comes on my way … Traveling is my great passion and camera also travels with me. I believe that travel broadens the view towards the world. You see the beautiful nature around you, meet different peoples, experience their culture. Not only the beauty of the world you will also see it’s ugliness  .   Keep on clicking…