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Chechi PeinadoArgentinaPRO45289pJoined 2015

Photography is an experimentation where purely psychological and formal elements of reality are involved, articulating the perception of vision to the plane where a photo is captured: I understand photography as captured light. Light is the guideline that permeates with colour everything it touches and reflects and I like to find it, discover it and feel it. The reasons to shoot are handled intuitively and spontaneously. Although certain times I like to plan scenes in advance as still lifes or some sequences of topics that come to my mind: The old houses in my village, the architectural spaces in silence, the undulating burst of the wind, the little details and the skies. One photo inside another refers to the Meta Photography, this process, generator of hidden and magical forces that seduce the spectator's view and mine. The editing process satisfies my intellect as empirical complement at the time of shooting... they go together. Photographing is so special that it requires a direct link with the senses and feelings. With the universe and the mystery of time.