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Ivaylo and TeodoraSenior criticBulgariaCREW201614pJoined 2014

I still remember 1984( a coincidence). My first excursion with my classmates. Just had finished my 1 grade at school, 7 years old and my father giving me my first camera - SMENA 8 with black and white film ORWO. I knew the theory and knew the symbols- sun, a little cloudy, cloudy...etc. Came back home so proud, my father took the film, went to the dark room and came out laughing but still I remember his disappointment. Happened so , that I never took the lens cap off.  Finally I had 30 and more perfectly underexposed pictures, but I still remember how cool they were. I never touched camera till I was 19 and I went to my great America trip. It took me 6 months and I came back with 3 pictures. One was the Atlantic ocean and some people thought it was cool, the other was a self portrait in front of a church in Boston and the third was a picture of a drunk girl in a tent, but what I found intriguing was what was written on one of the walls: Mötley Crüe - No!  Motorhead. The selfie still hangs in my mother's living room. So, that were the first 20 years of my photography.

About 25 I started viewing photography. All different kinds and styles. An year later I had my first professional appointment. It was great moment. This is what I still do for a living.

Excluding the professional  appointments I do not carry camera all the time. Actually I press the shutter button pretty seldom. Photography is not this unstoppable force that drives me on.  It's more likely that I want to have coffee and cigarette, than to take a picture. But still - when I want to take a certain picture, nothing can stop me. When I have it on my disk I let it stay there, even forget it sometimes. I kind of believe that it's time will eventually come and if not, I still have taken it. I travel as much as possible. Try to make it part of my life and job. That's it about me and photography.

Teodora is a model and curator - the toughest I ever met. She is the smarter part of me. She cares about things I could never possibly see or understand .She is behind all my photography and she is the reason there is such a thing as my photography. If I am allowed to quote- she is all my reasons:)

I use Photoshop, a few Canon cameras and lenses, some other software and my eyes. The other things  I use are not in the sphere of the photography :)

Concerning 1x... I kind of chose this place. My gallery  is really personal and the images I upload are not the commercial ones I would use to present myself as a photographer. Everybody needs such a cozy place for himself. I find it here.  I also find really nice images, I meet some great guys and fine artists. What I upload here is absolutely subjective and personal, as I believe any type of art must be. Some things you may like, others not but one is sure- everything is as I want it to be.

I am in a great mood right now and  intended to write more but damned, this a long presentation so thanks a lot for visiting, hope you saw something worthy and good luck to all of you. Everybody, feel free to write us, ask any question or just say Hi. We will be around :)